The definitive healthcare brand, experience, and culture report

Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 7 is Healthcare’s playbook for unlocking the power of brand, culture, and experience to drive consumer choice and advocacy. Informed by over 26,000 consumers and with rankings of more than 200 brands across the country, the report highlights emerging consumer trends, desires, and behaviors in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. The insights presented in this report are essential for any healthcare brand looking to navigate the complexities of today’s market.

Hear from Dave Middendorf, Executive Director of Health, Care, and Wellness

Areas of exploration

  • Top 200+ ranked most human brands
  • Rebound in healthcare engagement post-pandemic
  • Growing recognition of systemness benefits
  • Role of employees in delivering humanized experiences
  • Persistent challenges of access and trust
  • Generational shifts and distinct preferences
  • Interest in wellness and holistic care
  • Brand role in predicting HCHAPS performance
  • Implications, key takeaways, and where to focus your efforts
  • And so much more

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More about Humanizing Brand Experience


What was the impetus for Monigle taking on this in-depth report?

It’s no secret that the world of healthcare brand experience and measurement is broken — and the consumer mindset is seriously misunderstood. With 50 years as the leader in healthcare brand experience, we created this report to enable business leaders to leverage their brands in more powerful ways than ever before. We hope to start a conversation around the future of healthcare – one that not only creates better experiences for consumers, but engages them in ways that actually leads to living healthier lives.

How is Humanizing Brand Experience different from other brand measurement studies?

This study measures brand in a way that is uniquely human compared to all other measurement approaches that currently exist in the healthcare landscape. Rather than simply relying on traditional brand metrics, we created a proprietary approach grounded in social science to understand what matters most to people during their entire healthcare journey. We measure tangible, proven experience drivers that have direct impact on consumer choice and advocacy at the system level, not the hospital or facility level.