Our culture

We’re more than a company—we’re a community.

A case of the Mondays looks different at Monigle. Imagine returning to work from the weekend happy to see your colleagues and excited to dig back into your latest project. That’s what we get to experience on a weekly basis: We believe in our work and genuinely like each other.

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How we work, works.

Our hybrid model of work-life is the result of listening to our people and providing best practice tools and technology that supports everyone in their physical space. Wherever you work from, we connect you across time zones with ease to create award winning work, while building relationships with your teams. We’ve also created ways to optimize calendars that keep everyone in the loop with agency news as it’s happening, as well as setting up universal no-meeting blocks for the entire agency to get work done without interruption. We strongly believe in disconnecting and encourage you to unplug at the end of the day to relax and recharge.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Being human means celebrating humanity.
As part of Monigle’s purpose to make the world more human, we must start by looking inward.

We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where everyone feels respected for the individual they are. We believe happiness is a right to which everyone is entitled. That means ensuring Monigle is a place where everyone can be their authentic selves, no matter who you are, how you think, what you look like, where you’re from or who you love. When we elevate our humanity at Monigle, we do so for our clients and the world, as well.

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We aim to honor this commitment by

  • Recognizing each individual’s wellness as a top priority
  • Ensuring every individual has equal access to development and opportunity
  • Building diverse teams at all levels of the organization that represent our clients and the world we live in
  • Establishing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goals and measuring progress
  • Creating a safe environment to share thoughts, ideas, perspectives and experiences
  • Being good humans and showing up for each other
  • Continuing to evolve alongside one another as we learn and grow together

DEI&B at Monigle

IDC Council

The Inclusion and Diversity Council (IDC) is a volunteer group of Monigle employees that aim to bring attention to important topics, and spark actions that open doors for everyone’s benefit and advancement – ultimately continuing our progress as an organization.

Match Program

A Monigle-sponsored initiative enabling employees to double the financial impact they can make on select non-profit organizations that are important to them. We’ve curated a list of organizations through input from our employees at large and have chosen to highlight organizations that strive to humanize the world around us.


Throughout the year, our council hosts multiple chat & learns that bring our employees together to have honest conversations and to learn about topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. They also curate periodic DEI&B newsletters and learning courses for the organization. The council’s goal is to raise awareness, educate, and engage our employees in discussions that promote a more inclusive workplace.

The journey never ends

As we have been on this genuine journey, we’ve re-examined how we think about delivering on our purpose of making the world more human – something we try to do for our clients everyday through their brands. We know that building amazing brands means incorporating DEI&B into an organization’s identity and practices, moving away from compliance-based efforts and toward proactively inclusive experiences. We realized that to help our clients integrate equity into their fabric, we needed to integrate it internally as well.

We know that there is always more work and learning to be done – it’s an on-going commitment. But if we can make a difference for our employees while giving them the tools and understanding to shift the way we all do work then we can begin making a lasting impact on our clients and the populations they serve.

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Sound like the place for you? Become part of our team.