In today’s experience economy, every touchpoint matters. Ensure that you understand, invest in, design and implement every facet of your brand experience for impact.

Integrate your brand into consumers’ everyday lives.

The age of the consumer is here, and with it comes the ability to summon knowledge with the touch of a finger. It is up to your brand to demonstrate and communicate how you not only fit into consumers’ lives, but make them better. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to do just that.


When you’re tasked with developing a new product, service or brand, the inclination is to begin by defining what it is or what it does. At Monigle, we take a wider view, focused on designing a holistic experience, or ecosystem, within which consumers can engage with the idea. Instead of defining the what, we ask why. How will people use it? Why will people benefit from it? Will people want it in their lives? Beyond just a more insightful way to inform the what, our 360-degree perspective yields an actionable mapping of the behaviors, environments and requirements comprising the relationship between the consumer and the brand, product or service.


Regardless of industry, today’s customer journey is rarely linear. Strong brands stay one step ahead by not just reacting to consumers as they make decisions, but by actively shaping those decisions through sophisticated communications and engagement strategies. As experts in market research and brand experience, we uncover exactly what matters to your key audiences across their journeys. The result provides a clear, complete understanding of what triggers and drives behavior, how expectations and preferences are shaped and what this means for your brand moving forward.


The more opportunities people have to interact with your brand in a physical space, the more real a brand relationship becomes. Our expertise delivers engaging, consistent and scalable brand experiences to maximize the business impact and customer experience associated with every valuable interaction people have with you. We create three-dimensional customer experiences that integrate form, function, design and business requirements to reflect and reinforce the nuance and inspiration of your unique brand experience. Translating your brand into an environment takes more than design expertise. It takes strategy, design, evaluation, and cost-effective implementation. We are your fully integrated, “A to Z” brand experience partner.


From hospital systems to spirits brands, we push our clients to see their products and services as core elements of consumers’ lifestyles, not just lives. In a world of immediate gratification and always-on-sale promotion, brand affinity is elusive and achieved only when a brand reflects the best version of consumers’ own selves. We help your brand realize this status by establishing a distinctive, motivational brand purpose, then developing a brand experience that goes beyond the shelf and into consumers’ lives. both engaging them emotionally and empowering them to live better, in partnership with the brand.

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