Humanizing Brand Experience: Health Care Edition—Volume 2

The second edition of this leading-edge report delves even deeper into the quickly-evolving consumer mindset, deconstructing how choices are made in health care to equip the modern brand leader to understand the power of brand and build better experiences.

Most of what we think about consumers—and what they want—is wrong.

Expanding to include insights from nearly 18,000 consumers in 33 markets across the country, the second edition of this groundbreaking study dives deep into the meaning of brand and experience, what connects with consumers and how 118 brands deliver experience throughout the U.S.

The gap is growing—health care leaders are still telling stories and brands are delivering experiences that are misaligned to what people want. When will we listen to what consumers are telling us?

Big new areas of exploration in this year’s report:

  • New dimensions of experience
  • Perspectives of 600+ medical professionals
  • A custom attitudinal and behavioral segmentation
  • Year-over-year trends as the market continues to shift
  • 300+ hours of qualitative
“This research is invaluable. No one in health care is looking at experience in this way. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this.”Health System Marketing VP 2019 Humanizing Brand Experience Subscriber,
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“Humanizing Brand Experience has helped us to expand our definition of experience in our organization as we work to grow the reach and impact of our brand across our communities. It has also provided a new vocabulary that we’ve used to engage senior leaders across the organization around brand and its impact on our business.”Health System Marketing VP 2019 Humanizing Brand Experience Subscriber,

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