Consumer experience expectations are rapidly evolving, especially now. How are you keeping up?

This is health care’s moment. The core elements of brand experience have been magnified by the pressure COVID-19 has put on the health care industry. Health care marketers now have the best opportunity to shape and lead the dialogue on a more human experience for their organization. Humanizing Brand Experience will be your insight tool, with our third edition as the deepest dive yet into the consumer mindset.


New areas of exploration in this year’s report:

  • Impact of expanded data:
    • 39% increase in consumers surveyed – 25,000+
    • 58% increase in markets explored – 52
    • 52% increase in ranked brands – 179
  • Two new dimensions of experience explored
  • Three new trust-building strategies introduced to impact consumer relationships
  • Summary of five key implications to create actionable change in your organization

Now, more than ever, this new research will better equip health care brand and experience leaders to build more human brands in the face of rapidly-changing environments and consumer expectations in the face of a COVID-19 world. Dive deep into the meaning of brand and experience, get the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol.3 report now.

For a quick-hitting summary of new revelations, major trends, key highlights, and COVID-19 implications, please sign up for a complimentary Executive Summary presentation.

Monigle - HBE Vol. 3 - Multiple inside covers
"Patients don’t always know whether they’re getting really exceptional clinical quality or not – but that’s now how they measure their experience. They measure it by how we treat them."
Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, Health System
Monigle - HBE Vol. 3 - Child
Monigle - HBE Vol. 3 - Ladies
Monigle - HBE Vol. 3 - Cover