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Brand is more than a word. It’s a promise that’s yours to define and yours to keep.

Branding isn’t a project that simply ends with a new identity or successful launch event. Your brand promise is one to be kept alive through every interaction and every touchpoint, both internal and external. It can be a daunting prospect, but we’ll be right beside you every step of the way as you unlock your organization’s full potential. Let’s get to work.


Your brand isn’t just for today and it isn’t just for tomorrow. Account for your day two and beyond by putting the right tools and processes in place to continuously manage and measure your brand.

Your brand isn’t just for tomorrow.

True brand success is measured over years, not days. But after a successful brand launch, it’s easy to think that the hard work is over. We work with you to ensure the right people, processes and tools are in place to manage and govern your brand today, tomorrow and into the future.


Brand governance is the most underrated step in branding. It’s also undergoing the greatest transformation. The traditional command-and-control approach with a tight set of rules has been replaced by a need to serve multiple functions across decentralized, empowered business units and an ever-increasing number of applications. We work with you to create a governance mandate that is based on education and behavioral change. By providing freedom within a framework and resigning the “brand cop” role, you will empower your people to become true brand ambassadors.


Beam is the only brand center built for brand experts, by brand experts. We know how challenging it can be to sustain brand success over time, so we created a software platform that empowers brand leaders to activate and sustain brand post-launch.


Marketplaces change fast―consumers’ opinions change even faster. It is essential to keep a finger on the pulse of your brand to gauge the effectiveness of marketing communications and other brand experiences. We design custom brand tracking research based on the unique needs of your brand, starting with key performance indicators, such as awareness, advocacy and perceived strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors. This will ensure that we know exactly how and why changes happen, as well as what to do about them to achieve your business objectives.


Brands are assets that have real business value. Just like any other asset, value can be gained or lost based on the strategic decisions made by brand owners. Brand valuation is a tool that helps you connect brand experience and management to its ability to deliver future value. Knowing a brand’s “dollar amount” means its value can be measured, leveraged in negotiations, used to secure future funding and more. Ultimately, brand valuation helps unite diverse groups within an organization to implement tactics that drive choice and increase loyalty.

Branded environments

Take your brand beyond the boardroom and make it tangible and functional in the real world. After the initial jump-start, it’s time to maintain the momentum.

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The days of fixed 200-page PDF brand guidelines are behind us. Beam is a brand engagement and asset management platform designed with the understanding that brands are living, ever-evolving entities.

An engaging and intuitive system where the delivery of all content and assets can be personalized by user role, Beam makes it easy and efficient for users and administrators alike. An integral part of many organizations’ brand governance model, Beam has been adopted by the likes of Deloitte, Allstate, Kodak, Carnival Cruise Line, BNY Mellon, Willis Towers Watson, Anthem and more.

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