If you think you know what health care consumers want, think again.

Drawing on insights from 3,400-plus consumers, this groundbreaking new study dives deep into the experiences delivered by 43 health care system brands in 12 U.S. markets. The findings uncover a gap between what consumers want and what systems are offering. For example, you’re likely talking about how your brand has the ‘best people,’ but consumers want you to rethink what being ‘the best’ really means.

"Terrific information and extremely on-target for where the industry is right now. This report helps debunk many health care marketing myths and traditions."
Don Stanziano
Chief Marketing Officer, Geisinger
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"Patients don’t always know whether they’re getting really exceptional clinical quality or not—but that’s not how they measure their experience. They measure it by how we treat them."
Dr. Melinda Ashton
Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, Hawai’i Pacific Health
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