The time is now for healthcare organizations to connect in a meaningful way with employees, communities, and patients. Watch this webinar to hear highlights from Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6, the playbook that unlocks opportunities you can leverage today and tomorrow to drive brand, experience, and culture change in your organization.

Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 is the most comprehensive, human-centric examination of brand and experience needs in this quickly changing world of health, care, and wellness. Informed by more than 25,000 consumers with rankings of more than 200 brands across the country, the report expands beyond the typical approaches to assessment by exploring the intersections of brand, culture, and experience, the building blocks leaders need to create more human experiences.

In this webinar we examine:

  • Key national trends around engagement, trust, loyalty, systemness, self-care, content, premiumization, and more
  • Top Intellectual, Emotional, Sensorial, and Behavioral drivers of consumer decisions about healthcare
  • Rankings of the top 200+ most human brands
  • Implications and key takeaways for focusing your efforts for maximum impact


  • Grant Mason – Executive Director of Insights, Monigle
  • Carolyn Bugg – Executive Director, Strategy, Monigle

To dig into all the details from the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 report, be sure to download the full report.