Experience design at LCMC Health: How to create impactful, on-brand, and extraordinary moments in your spaces

Brought to you in partnership with the Forum for Healthcare Strategists


From Insights to Action: Using Journey Mapping to Humanize Experience Webinar

Brought to you in partnership with the Forum for Healthcare Strategists

Baptist Health in South Florida is a top ten brand according to the annual Humanizing Brand Experience report. Watch this webinar to learn how they turned to expansive journey mapping research to deeply understand consumers and their perspectives on experience in five key areas —emergency room, inpatient, cancer, primary care, and urgent care.

In this webinar we examine the highlights of the research, including the touchpoints and key moments that matter along each unique journey. Learn how the data is helping Baptist Health prioritize actions and enhancements across the entire journey to improve experience and elevate brand reputation. Plus, hear how to:

  • Uncover what truly drives the functional and emotional aspects of experience
  • Focus and prioritize where experience change needs to happen
  • Move beyond expected experiences and traditional brand roles to define and design meaningful moments
  • Develop best practices for socialization and working across departments to make change happen



Danny “Elf” Elfenbein

AVP, Digital Health + Patient Experience, Baptist Health



Grant Mason

Executive Director of Insights, Monigle



Zack Bruggeman

Associate Director of Insights, Monigle



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