The LCMC Health brand is defined by celebrating the extraordinary in a world of ordinary. Join us as we dig into the important sensorial attributes that drive consumer decision-making and how you can leverage these attributes to create a distinct and differentiated brand experience in physical spaces.

In this webinar, you’ll hear how LCMC Health has created a framework to infuse brand throughout its healthcare experiences, including physical spaces, to impact the way patients and visitors feel. Plus, we’ll examine:

  • How brands like LCMC Health have successfully created an impactful brand platform that translates to actionable experience principles
  • Ways to utilize the top sensorial attributes that are proven to drive choice and advocacy, according to the Humanizing Brand Experience study
  • The creative experience moments, both big and small, that have been developed as a toolkit for LCMC Health to incorporate into physical spaces across the system


Christine Albert

Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, LCMC Health

Alison More

Senior Creative Director, Environments & Experience, Monigle

Video #1 (1:06)

The foundation of the LCMC Health brand

Learn about LCMC Health’s background and how they infuse brand throughout physical spaces.

Video #2 (5:00)

Setting the stage

In today’s landscape, a space where “everything feels clinical” describes the experience of most healthcare facilities. Learn about how infusing Brand can connect and transform the overall experience across multiple locations.

Video #3 (2:57)

How does experience drive emotional reactions?

Learn how elements of experience drive decision-making and brand advocacy with this insightful data from our Humanizing Brand Experience study.

Video #4 (4:15)

Meet the disruptors

Dive into the bold moves the industry disruptor brands have made in physical spaces and how their spaces connect with their overall brand.

Video #5 (4:49)

Defining the experience

Hear about how LCMC Health’s mantra of ‘Celebrating extraordinary in a world of ordinary’ influences all elements of their brand, including physical space and experience.

Video #6 (5:43)

Building the experience strategy

Take a peek behind the curtain at how our teams work together to build a creative experience strategy that’s centered around brand and impacts the way patients and visitors feel in the spaces.

Video #7 (9:27)

Bringing it all together

View the spaces created at the LCMC Health and how they connect with the larger New Orleans community and culture, and convey their brand values.

Video #8 (3:19)

Reactions to the experience transformation

Hear visitors’ reactions when unveiling the new LCMC Health headquarters experience.

Video #9 (5:54)

Wrapping it all up

In this final video, learn about how to implement a meaningful brand experience across many different spaces.