If you haven’t already, download the latest Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 report. Become a Humanizing Brand Experience member today and get the critical brand data and rich insights that you need to create a more human healthcare brand, culture, and experience.

Consumer expectations around health, care, and wellness, have dramatically changed. Insights into the consumer mindset, decision-making, and how your brand resonates is more important than ever.

As all healthcare organizations seek to reconnect with people—including employees, patients, and communities—there has never been a more important time to be human.

By becoming a Humanizing Brand Experience member, you’ll get access to the critical data and insights about your brand that you need to drive authentic, meaningful human connections with your consumers.

Additionally, you and your team will receive:

  • Brand Dashboard
    • Comprehensive and detailed dashboard of your brand performance, including your brand score, national ranking, and how you stack up against any 3 competitors of your choice (local, regional, or national)
    • Robust data on how your brand is perceived across the 55 most crucial drivers of consumer choice and advocacy
    • 3-step action plan to guide you in making impactful change that will enhance your brand, culture, and experience
    • Executive presentation of the brand dashboard report to you and your team in a 60-minute virtual session, with additional sessions to socialize the data with broader teams and leadership
  • Action Planning Workshop – Engage in a tailored workshop led by brand experts, designed to assist you and your team in leveraging and operationalizing the data and insights from your dashboard. This workshop enables your teams to drive meaningful experience changes within the organization.
  • Collective Membership – You’ll be part of a Collective of industry peers and experts, intent on learning, adapting, and improving offerings to redefine how healthcare is experienced. The Collective will fuel healthcare’s evolution with specific benefits including:
    • Quarterly Thought Leadership Roundtable Discussions: Collaborative discussions with industry peers focused on thought leadership within the industry. These sessions offer new research, enable the cross-pollination of valuable insights, and foster innovative ideas among the leading health, care, and wellness thinkers from across the category.
    • Bi-weekly Content: Regular emails containing thought-provoking content that encourages new perspectives and provides practical takeaways that can be implemented immediately.
  •  First Access to the National Trends Report – Get exclusive early access to an Executive Summary of the national findings, trends, and rankings for you and your team, delivered prior to the report’s national launch.
  • Flexibility to benchmark:
    • Cherry pick and benchmark against any brands you choose – Pick the competitor brands whose data you want to include in your dashboard. Pick any three brands in your core market, regionally, or national leaders from across the country.
    • Connect to the other data sources you leverage – Align it with your custom brand tracking. Connect it with patient or employee data from Press Ganey or one of the other real-time measurement tools. Humanizing Brand Experience expands your view of the entire experience and amplifies the potential reach and impact of the data you have.
    • Get access to data on disruptor brands – Measure your organization against the best brands today but also against the brand experiences of tomorrow who are going to pose the biggest competitive challenges to your future success. Know the competitors who are coming for you in this quickly-changing world.

Interested in learning more about how to become a Humanizing Brand Experience member? It’s easy. Learn more here or meet with us to walk you through an example dashboard and the details of what it means to be a member.

Don’t just take it from us. Learn from others what it has meant to their organizations:

“The Monigle study is, from my perspective, one of the most comprehensive brand experience studies of healthcare available. It’s just an incredible resource. I’ve participated in it from the beginning of the survey five years ago, from my prior work at UChicago Medicine, and then continued participating when I moved to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. The Monigle study is a tremendous resource because of the way it analyzes the key elements of what makes a brand experience in totality. It provides deep insights into the many ways in which consumers interact with brands, the way they think of brands, so it really is the essence of looking at what it takes to build a world-class brand in the eyes of the consumer.”

William “Skip” Hidlay
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Kim Hofland
August 24, 2023 By Kim Hofland