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Our first five Humanizing Brand Experience reports provided rich insights about consumers, brands, and experiences in healthcare. Become a Humanizing Brand Experience member today and get the critical data and insights about your brand that you need to lead your organization to a more human healthcare experience.

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Built by Monigle’s dedicated in-house Insights team using a proprietary approach to understanding and building brand experiences, the Humanizing Brand Experience research and reports have changed the way healthcare marketing leaders view and manage experience. Our Humanizing Brand Experience model predicts 75% of future consumer behavior.

As a member, you’ll receive access to the critical data and insights about your brand that you need to drive authentic, human connections with your consumers.

Join the movement to be part of Humanizing Brand Experience.

Humanizing Brand Experience has become required reading for our entire executive team.”Amy StevensVice President of Marketing and Communications, Tidelands Health

Benefits of Membership

As a member, you can maximize this powerful set of tools and resources for your organization, including:

  • Brand Dashboard
    • Personalized dashboard of your brand data + any 3 competitors of your choice. These competitors can be from your local market, or they can be national brands you want to benchmark against.
    • Robust data on all facets of the brand including functional, emotional, behavioral, and sensorial metrics.
  • First access to the national findings and trends for your organization delivered prior to the national launch of the report and rankings so you can take action sooner.
  • Full report access including all the national data, trends, forecasts and the full list of ranked brands.
  • Two executive presentations
    • A curated deep dive into your brand dashboard, including key areas of opportunity
    • A curated executive summary of key national highlights, trends, and implications
  • A community of experts. You’ll be part of a collective of industry peers and experts, intent on learning, adapting, and improving offerings to redefine how healthcare is experienced. The collective will fuel healthcare’s evolution with specific benefits including:
    • Quarterly, collaborative thought leadership discussions
    • Access to timely, expertly crafted research on topics members help choose
    • A resource and connection portal
    • Bi-weekly emails of insightful content that inspires new perspectives and weaves in tactical takeaways that could be implemented right away
HBE Vol 5 Inside the report


Humanizing Brand Experience is the only study of its kind

  • The only study that has proven there is a strong correlation between brand equity and HCAHPS scores on a national scale
    • Establishing the commercial value of brand and experience measures for the C-Suite
    • Quantifying the levers that can be pulled to increase HCAHPS performance
  • The only integrated national brand picture—with a ranking of over 200 brands on a consistent set of metrics that matter
  • The only study that looks at the entire experience—what happens before, during and after a visit
  • The only healthcare consumer-centric study that looks at all facets of experience, including functional, emotional, behavioral, and sensorial drivers

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