If you haven’t already, download the full Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 report.

Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 continues Monigle’s comprehensive, human-centric examination of brand and experience needs in this quickly changing world of health, care and wellness.

Now, in its sixth year and informed by more than 25,000 consumers with rankings of more than 200 brands across the country, this report delivers unprecedented data and actionable insights on brand, culture, and experience; the building blocks that leaders need to create a more human healthcare experience. Focusing on these brand experience attributes predicts 74% of future consumer behavior.

Every chapter in the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 report is packed with data and insights. Below are a few of the key trends and takeaways from each chapter.

  1. Healthcare engagement is stagnant; consumers remain less engaged and struggle to move closer to the category
  2. Distrust in providers is growing; younger consumers trust providers less and less, which takes them further from our physical (and our virtual) doors
  3. Systemness still has its benefits; a positive shift is the re-prioritization among consumers of the benefits of systemness, but the best type of systemness is unique to each organization
  4. Rewarding loyalty in healthcare; the hunger to create reasons for people to come in forces us to look beyond the traditional out-of-category loyalty program and instead point us to how we provide new ways to intersect in the lives of our patients
  5. The rise of the Doctor Dodger; fewer and fewer people want to see their doctor, and it goes beyond cost to include frustrations around access and availability that we, as brands, control
  6. Staffing shortages from a consumer perspective; consumers connect the lack of staff with deteriorating quality and gaps in experience—they’re feeling it like we are as employers
  7. Selfcare is the new healthcare; the time is now for health, care, and wellness brands to lean into selfcare as a path to connecting with people rather than fighting to be the only voice in their experiences with care and wellness
  8. People want content that gives them control; the content game has been fundamentally changed, and a new playbook exists for best-in-class content that engages and drives action
  9. The demand for a premium care model; the idea of charging for a premium experience is a fallacy as it just distracts us further from fixing the fundamentals of our industry

Creating a more human brand experience has never been more critical to success in our industry, and this report unlocks the opportunities that you can leverage to drive brand, experience and culture change in your organization.

For more robust insights, perspectives and action items, including stories from your peers on how these insights are impacting their own work, download the full report.

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Justin Wartell
June 27, 2023 By Justin Wartell