In the evolving landscape of health, care, and wellness, personalized content delivery is more important than ever. The next generation of consumers is reshaping expectations for their healthcare provider relationships, necessitating a shift in communication strategies. Join healthcare executives from Virtua Health and Monigle to explore how segmenting individuals based on their specific needs, preferences, and challenges can foster a more personalized approach. While attitudinal segmentations often face implementation challenges, this webinar will showcase how Virtua Health used advanced analytics to successfully connect these segments to an entire patient database, enabling the delivery of targeted content with impactful and measurable results.

 In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  1. What’s driving the growing need for customized content, and the seven segments of healthcare consumers—who they are; what matters to them; and their healthcare challenges, characteristics, and preferences
  2. How advanced analytics were used to fuse attitudinal segments to an actual patient dataset
  3. How Virtua Health socialized and activated the segmentation to create personalized content that meets the varying needs of each segment and deliver new levels of engagement


  • Chrisie Scott – SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Virtua Health
  • Ryan Younger – VP, Marketing, Virtua Health
  • Grant Mason – Executive Director, Insights, Monigle

Rebuilding trust


Consumer satisfaction

Connecting on a human level

Key segmentation principles


Humanizing Brand Experience consumer segments

Opportunity value

Activating segmentation


Initial results

Key performance indicators