Behind the scenes: Delivering an authentic brand experience with LCMC Health

Recently, we held a webinar with one of our leading healthcare clients, LCMC Health, to discuss our recent work where we infused brand throughout their healthcare experience to impact the way patients, visitors, and even internal employees feel.

Our work focused on bringing the LCMC Health brand to life in experiential touchpoints, including their new corporate headquarters. The webinar, “Experience design at LCMC Health: How to create impactful, on-brand, and extraordinary moments in your spaces” received high remarks from those who attended.


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The LCMC Health brand is defined by celebrating the extraordinary in a world of ordinary. In the webinar, we discussed the important sensorial attributes that drive consumer decision-making and how others can leverage these attributes to create a distinct and differentiated brand experience in physical spaces.

After the webinar, we sat down with our own Alison More, Senior Creative Director of Environments and Experience, to give us a bit more behind-the-scenes detail into the conversation and work:


Q: Why this topic is so important (experience design and consumer decision making)?

A: Experience design impacts how people feel when they are engaging with your touchpoints through design, storytelling, services and interactions. By putting people at the center of our process, we work to understand the problem, and then generate unique and actionable solutions. Physical space is a powerful medium and a significant part of the overall experience. But it isn’t the only one to consider. Thinking about the service provided, digital tools available to enhance (or detract!) from the experience, and tangible elements that evoke emotions, strategically communicate, and drive engagement. There are so many facets of experience to consider, all of which are important to elevating your brand.


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Q: How you see this becoming a consideration (or why it should be) for all Healthcare (and beyond)?

A: In this connected world, people don’t only compare experiences within an industry, they compare their experiences across industries. This drives higher expectations on how experiences look, and more importantly how memorable they are. Small touches can have a big impact to the human experience. By understanding the human outcomes we are solving for, we can utilize a company’s core brand and values to design unique solutions—whether it be for generating inspiration in a time of employee burnout or solving for more tactical problems like recognizability and wayfinding. Our team partners with a variety of clients in highly differentiated industries – but we work to ensure that every experience is directly related to core elements of the brand and the needs and expectations of the consumers experiencing it in those spaces.


Q: What was your favorite/most impactful element of the experience design at LCMC Health?

A: I have so many! I love the eclectic nature of the solutions we delivered that together generate the feeling of New Orleans joie de vivre. But, if I had to choose just one element, the trombone sconce light we implemented at the HQ space added such a unique and unexpected touch in the land of healthcare. It is truly authentic to both the place and brand, but highly unexpected in the space and usage, drawing unique and special attention in the space.


Q: Anything else that we could have discussed more in the webinar?

A: An important thing to remember for brands considering infusing their physical spaces with experience is that you don’t need to have a huge budget to make an authentic impact. There are so many ways to highlight your brand and begin to connect with your consumers – you just have to start!


Interested in learning more about infusing brand throughout your physical touchpoints to create a differentiated experience? Reach out to us, we’d love to connect.