Humanizing the Customer Experience: Lessons in making banking personal

A recent webinar in partnership with American Banker and ServiceNow

Hear what matters most in customer experience in financial services and which financial institutions do it best (and why). Based on insights from our Humanizing Customer Experience Vol 2 research and report, we explore why humanizing matters and identify the core competencies that are key to delivering a more humanized customer experience and driving improved customer satisfaction and loyalty in banking.

Additional topics discussed include:

  • The expanding banking ecosystem
  • What’s trending for loyalty programs, rewards, incentives
  • Balancing digital and in-person experiences
  • Category leaders and laggards


Brian Elkins

Executive Director, Financial Services


Jacquie Hersch

Global Head of Industry Solutions


Kristin Streett

Head of Banking Industry, Americas


Janet King

Vice President, Research


Curious to learn more? Make sure to download our latest Humanizing Customer Experience Vol 2 report for in-depth data and insights into the key national trends, attitudes and behaviors impacting the customer experience in the financial services sector.