In the continuation of our series, Behind the Brands, this webinar roundtable takes you behind the scenes of our experience and takeaways from speaking and attending the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020. In this roundtable, featuring our CMO, Gabriel Cohen, speaking with our Senior Director of Strategy, Brian Elkins, and our Associate Director of Strategy, Courtney Berkery, we delve into topics such as:

  • Trends and challenges in the outdoor industry
  • Brand choices and experiences at the show
  • Innovation and evolution of outdoor brands
  • Brand themes that transcend the industry

You can view the full-length webinar, or watch any number of the bite-sized video snippets below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways – continue the conversation with us here.

Video #1 (1:48)

Behind the Brands: Intro Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show

This snippet intros the Outdoor Retailers show, as well as a brief background of our roundtable participants.

Video #2 (3:16)

Outdoor Retailer | Why We Went

In this video short, learn a bit more on our take on the background of the show, why we were participants, and some high-level summaries of what we experienced at the show.

Video #3 (5:04)

Principles Making Brand Unique | Outdoor Space vs. Other Industries

In this short video, we discuss what is common with the Outdoor Industry with regards to brand and experience, and what makes it stand out as unique to other industries.

Video #4 (3:54)

One Level Deeper | Categories and What Stands Out

Diving deeper, we discuss the values and cultural impact within the outdoor industry, and the give and take that can come with that – choices and pros/cons of decisions – product, brand, culture, values.

Video #5 (2:45)

What Brand Leaders Can Learn | Outside Outdoor Industry

This segment gives some key takeaways for brand leaders outside of the outdoor industry, leaning into what makes it special, and what others could learn, with a focus on including a very clear authenticity and aspiration.

Video #6 (5:25)

Key Challenges | Outdoor Brands

This section discusses the importance of trade-offs and choices as far as key challenges – focusing on culture and scale, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability.

Video #7 (1:50)

Innovation | Seasonal Outdoor Brands

Here, we explore a brief insight into innovation, especially with regards to seasonal expansion of product lines for outdoor.

Video #8 (4:28)

Humanizing Brands| How Outdoor Brands are Humanizing

Humanizing Brands is what we focus on here at Monigle. In this section, we discuss how the outdoor industry represents and reflects this – discussing the purpose-driven brand mindset and more.

Video #9 (6:33)

Brands that Impressed | What We Learned

In this section, we dive into the specifics of brands that made an impact on us, and the why behind that impact. What choices did they make or what was unique in their brand experience offering that made us think.

Video #10 (2:05)

Overarching Themes | Penetrating the Outdoor Industry

In this short video, we discuss more of the themes penetrating the industry and the impact – how they hold one another accountable and how consumers are also taking that role of driving accountability.

Video #11 (6:37)

Things that caught us by surprise | Outdoor Industry Reflections

In this video, we delve more into the tensions and tradeoffs outdoor experiences: tribalism vs. inclusivity, expansion vs. authenticity, impact of choices and alignment with values.

Video #12 (1:57)

Educational Sessions that Stood Out |Outdoor Retailer

One of the highlights of the show was the focus on education for the industry. In this short video, we give a few examples of sessions that were impactful, and the why behind that impact.

Video #13 (3:40)

Monigle Forum | Conscious Company, Vail Resorts, and Monigle

Introducing and discussing the key themes from our panel discussion on values and understanding the role that values can play for brands.

Video #14 (2:58)

What We Brought Back | Lessons from Outdoor Retailer

In this quick video, we express the tangible lessons that our strategists took away and will incorporate into our work moving forward.

VIdeo #15 (3:58)

Conclusion: If We Were in Charge | What Might We Change?

In this conclusion video of our series, we discuss what we might have done a bit differently, as well as which brands we would have come present to Monigle or one of our clients, and why.

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