Humanizing Customer Experience:
Financial Services Edition - Vol 2

Brought to you in partnership with American Banker

Creating more human experiences has never been more critical to success in the financial services industry. This first-of-its-kind study provides the prescriptive insights and tools banks need to best serve both current and future generations of customers.

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In our second year of this groundbreaking study and in partnership with American Banker, we’re excited to deliver the key national trends, attitudes, and behaviors impacting the customer experience in the financial services sector through this in-depth research report.

Informed by more than 8,500 consumers and with rankings of more than 50+ Financial Institutions across the country, the critical insights and tools provided in this report will enable your organization to build “best-in-class” customer experiences, develop intentional customer strategies, optimize physical and digital tactics, and adapt to best serve both your current and future generations of customers.

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Areas of Exploration in Vol 2:

From transactional to transformative – banking has hit an inflection point. With dramatic external factors continuing to spin, combined with the impact of the fintech revolution, there is true necessity to learn, adapt and grow in the transformational ecosystem, but all with an important lens towards making consumer experiences more human.   

  • Banking hits a boiling point: Changing category experiences are reshaping expectations and challenging the very definition of banking. 
  • From Competitors to Collaborators: in a continually evolving collaborative ecosystem, the gap between banking and fintech is closing, leading to organizational questions around who and how to partner or acquire to stay ahead. 
  • Things just got (more) personal: the importance of personalization continues to grow, but the avenues to deliver it are increasingly complicated and driven by out-of-category leaders. 
  • What it really takes to go digital: keeping up with the fintech disruptors, financial institutions need to shift mindsets from replicating analog to building digital experiences that leverage the new transformational ecosystem. 
  • Tangible touchpoints still matter: while there is a decline of in-person branch visits, the impact of these experiences must move from transactional to relational in order to build brand affinity. 

What are the top Financial Institutions doing in this space that differentiates them? Read the report to find out and gain actionable insights that can guide future strategies for your company.

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