To create meaningful, human-centered brand experiences for people, we need to understand them. We need to understand them really, really well.

Consumers aren’t a uniform group. And they’re more than just the demographic-defined groups that they’ve been lumped into in the past. Just like each of us, they’re unique individuals. They have different needs, face different health challenges, and want different things out of their health care experiences. And to provide the best possible health care experience for them, you have to understand what makes them tick on an individual-level.

Based on interviews with nearly 18,000 insured Americans, we developed a segmentation of seven significantly differentiated groups of people who share common values, needs, and challenges when it comes to their health care.

By understanding these unique groups, health care brands can, for the first time, tailor their experiences and create more personalized services and communications—fulfilling individuals’ different emotional, social, and functional health needs.

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One key ingredient in building a more human brand experience is to know the people you hope to delight.

Do you know the ins and outs of the people you care for?

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