Digital is brand, and brand is digital. That’s true for Amazon, Google, Apple, and financial services and banking brands too. In general, banks and financial institutions have adapted to the basic demands of today’s digital-driven age, thanks largely to impressive mobile app interfaces and experiences. However, in today’s day and age, that’s not enough.

Read this recent article from American Banker on how digital design is changing and hear from our own, Brian Elkins, on how FIs are using digital as the anchor point to an ecosystem of brand experiences.

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According to our Humanizing Customer Experience research, in partnership with American Banker, financial institutions have to design digital experiences that are unique, user-friendly, and adaptable in order to connect with consumers.

In fact, “appealing digital spaces” was the second most important factor to consumers when asked about their experience with a financial institution.

A financial institution’s digital experience plays a large role in connecting with consumers and keeping them engaged, both in the short term and long term. It’s also an anchor point into an ecosystem of broader brand experiences.

To learn more about the evolution of digital experiences in financial services, read the full article here and stay tuned in the coming weeks as we release the latest Humanizing Brand Experience: Financial Services, Vol 3 report. 

October 4, 2023 By Monigle