Becker’s Healthcare, a leading healthcare publication and go-to source for healthcare decision-makers, recently published several articles highlighting the key insights and findings from our Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 report. Read a few of the articles below.

Most human healthcare brands

Most trusted healthcare brands

Top 6 healthcare disruptor brands

Why UChicago, UR Medicine, OhioHealth, and Baptist Health were top rated brands

From the list of the topmost human healthcare brands to interviews with some of the top-rated brands in the report, Becker’s highlights how critical it is for healthcare brands to create more human brand experiences. This report unlocks the opportunities to leverage to drive brand, experience, and culture change within your organization —the building blocks that leaders need to create a more human healthcare experience.

To download the full Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 report, click here.

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June 5, 2023 By Monigle