Creating a more human brand experience has never been more critical to success in the healthcare industry. Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 5 is the deepest, most human-centric examination of brand and experience needs in the healthcare industry.

In this series, learn about key trends informed by more than 28,000 consumers around diversity and inclusion, virtual care, holistic health, self-care, as well as highlights that unlock opportunities healthcare brands can leverage to drive change in your organization.

Video #1 (2 min)

Setting the Stage

Hear about the topics we cover in this new video series and the impact we hope these insights have on your organization.

Video #2 (3 min)

Consumer engagement in healthcare

See how consumer healthcare engagement and perceived value have shifted in a post-pandemic world.

Video #3 (4 min)

The role of ‘local’

Learn about consumers’ preferences on the role of health systems vs. independent facilities and the shift that’s happening.

Video #4 (4 min)

The rise of self-care

Learn how consumers view self-care and the opportunity for brands to leverage it as a new way to engage with consumers.

Video #5 (2 min)

Building trust

View the generational differences regarding trust in healthcare providers.

Video #6 (4 min)

The mental health movement

As mental health becomes a topic of increased importance, hear about consumers’ expectations of our healthcare organizations.

Video #7 (5 min)

Holistic care has gone mainstream

Learn about how the idea of permission surrounding holistic care has shifted, and the best way to talk about holistic health.

Video #8 (8 min)

New consumer segmentation

Dive into our unique approach to consumer segmentation and 7 segments for healthcare brands to deliver a more personalized experience.

Video #9 (3 min)

Disparities in inclusivity

Healthcare disparities still exist for people of color and LGBTQ+ folks. Hear how we can better serve diverse audiences.