Financial Services – Volume 3

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The Humanizing Brand Experience: Financial Services Vol 3, report, informed by 5,500 consumers, explores what drives the best customer experiences and highlights specific actions needed for financial institutions to attract and retain customers.

Our research leverages a validated model that has been proven to drive consumer choice and advocacy. It takes 60+ drivers into account and evaluates financial institutions’ customer experience across four key dimensions: Intellectual, Emotional, Sensorial, and Behavioral.

Areas of exploration

  • Banking on relationships
  • Digital as the experience frontier
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Banking up close and personal
  • The era of active banking
  • Tangible touchpoints still matter

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“This year’s report underscores a fundamental change in how consumers perceive banking. It’s no longer just about transactions; it’s about trust, confidence, and partnership. Banks must understand that customers are seeking not just financial services but guidance, assurance, and a sense of community. Embracing these shifts will be key to success.”

– Brian Elkins, Executive Director of Strategy for Financial Services, Monigle

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