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Vast Broadband was a telecom company serving the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wyoming. The company believed that everyone should have access to high-quality internet, even and especially those who have chosen to live away from major cities. With a new dawn of virtual work and education, people logging on remotely from the heartland of America needed to know that their connection was as strong as their peers’ in New York City.

In 2020, Vast was bought by a private equity firm. With new stakeholders and fuel for expansion, the company was ready for a name and logo change. Our challenge was to create a new brand that would live up to its purpose of expanding access and reflect the lifestyle of the region.


Consumer research showed that many saw Vast Broadband as a fast and cheap option. We needed to break out of that numbers game and show people that the new brand wasn’t just about speed and price, but about an experience that’s designed for the people and communities it serves.

From our internal interviews, we learned that Vast employees took great pride in their work and serving their fellow community members. They touted their quick turnaround times while watching the company-sponsored youth baseball league.

We decided on the name Bluepeak to capture…

  • A place—both literal, inspired by the big skies and open land, from the plains to the mountains, and figurative, “we’ll meet you at the top,” the peak of possibility.
  • A mindset—a relentless drive and continuous pulse of energy.
  • An experience—one that is different, refreshingly easy and real.

This idea translates directly into the design of the logo. The bold, geometric letterforms come together to create a powerful, yet simple wordmark. The negative space moving through the logo is the key to our story—we like to think of it as the pulse of possibility energizing the heartland.

Bluepeak - Old logo 02
Bluepeak - New logo

We’re each individually motivated to make an impact beyond our walls, specifically in the communities where we live; together, the possibilities our motivation can achieve are boundless.

The people we serve fiercely love their way of life and the freedom that comes with it; our purpose ensures that we remain focused on finding new and better ways to help power their passions.

Our purpose is a promise to maintain an innovative spirit that future-proofs investments through continued evolution.

Our commitment is to be a good neighbor and an advocate invested in improving community life; all that we do is on behalf of our communities.

Brand positioning

Relentlessly for you

We came up with the brand positioning “relentlessly for you” as the strategic guidepost for the experiences Bluepeak creates.

It is a celebration of how Bluepeak…

  • Provides a fresh alternative, designed with customer needs in mind
  • Makes space for people’s passion and creativity to thrive
  • Connects customers to so much more than the internet
  • Break down barriers to access on behalf of our communities
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Bluepeak - Gray colors
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Bluepeak - Business card

Website & rollout

We reimagined Bluepeak’s website to be human-centered: easy to navigate, easy to use and attention-grabbing.

We are continuing to partner with Bluepeak as they move into new markets and start the construction of changing physical signage.

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Bluepeak - Logo placement
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Bluepeak - Icons

Building the future of fiber-optic internet, broadband, cable TV, and phone services.

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