Humanizing Brands,
Moving People.

People want something transformational, not transactional. They want to feel an emotional connection with the brands they chose to champion. They want to be moved. As a result, brands are turning away from seeming too big, corporate and foreboding. They need to be more personable, reflecting their true values and roots. Brands needs to be a whole lot more, well, human.


For our team at Monigle, We believe that the beating heart of the most human brands lies in the totality of their experience. Crack that code and you’ll have a customer for life. By leveraging the latest thinking in social science and behaviorist theories, we explore how consumers form emotional connections with brands, validating the importance of hundreds of emotional motivators in driving consumer behavior.


Brands that satisfy these emotional desires will rise above the rest. Building them requires the right balance of art and science, pragmatism and inspiration. And an unbending commitment to making the world a better place for us all.


Humanizing brands to move people is core to who Monigle is. It is how we partner with our clients, shoulder-to-shoulder, to approach our work in unique and human ways. It is how each brand and experience we cultivate with our clients can be more centered around human connection. And by creating and elevating authentic, human brands, it drives desired connection to and action by people.

Above all, we want you to see the power and potential in becoming a Human-centric brand

Humanizing brands, moving people.

How we define it:

Humanizing brands
creates connections.

Understanding Individuals

Showing Empathy

Engaging in Conversation

Being Approachable

Striving to Surprise + Delight

Inspiring Confidence

Making people think

Moving people
inspires action.








“You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion.”

-John Maxwell-