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Hosted by Gabriel Cohen

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Welcome to Brand Enabled! This show brings together the most sophisticated brand leaders around the world to discuss the complex issues they face on a day-to-day basis. Each episode delves into a specific brand challenge, and how the problem was solved. Our goal is to provide insight, remind you that you are not alone in the challenges you face, and help you move to action on your own brand questions.

Listen in as we talk to industry leaders who know what it is like to implement brand strategy and solutions at Fortune 1000 companies or in complex industries such as healthcare and finance. Learn about brand roadblocks they have encountered in their careers. Discover how they found the first indicators of the problems and went from an initial reaction to an active response. Find out how they crafted and prioritized solutions, assigned roles to every team member, and addressed the root cause of an issue. Bring your brand to the next level through their valuable advice and useful tips from their real-life stories.

About the host

Gabriel Cohen is an experienced marketing executive who has successfully promoted brands in a variety of sectors and regions, he currently serves as CMO at Monigle – a leading Brand Experience agency in the U.S. With experience in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Brazil, he has a strong understanding of international markets and the ability to navigate complex business environments. Because of his unique combination of analytical and creative skills, he is able to create cutting-edge approaches to marketing analytics that effectively address difficult business challenges. His superior management abilities and knack for creating profitable brands, new service offerings, and kicking off expansion projects have made him a highly sought-after marketing expert. Gabriel has been at the helm of organizational change and constructing successful brands for over a decade.

The guests on the podcast are seasoned CMOs and other brand leaders who have firsthand experience overcoming brand challenges. They contribute a wealth of knowledge and insight through the sharing of their own experiences and strategies for success. It provides a forum in which they can share their knowledge and assist others in making sense of the sometimes baffling field of branding. Key discussion points on the show will include going deep into topics such as the role of brand in driving business transformation, brand positioning,  brand architecture, the role of design, the challenges of measurement  and the relationship between brand, culture and experience. Each episode runs for 30-45 minutes of power-packed conversations with actionable takeaways that you won’t be able to find in any text book. 

If you’re searching for a way to elevate your brand knowledge from peers who have overcome similar brand challenges that you and your business face, look no further than Brand Enabled: The Human Stories Behind Branding!

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Episode #18: Brand Accountability in an Age of Transparency
Emmauel Probst, Global Lead: Brand Thought-Leadership, Ipsos

With all the tools available, it is easy to validate claims that brands make. When a promise is made, it is impossible to get out of it. People are now more empowered in following through and holding brands accountable for what they put on the label. Emmanuel Probst, the Global Lead: Brand Thought-Leadership at Ipsos and the author of Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Brand Hacks, shares insights into the new era of marketing and how sustainability, transparency, and authenticity play into making the biggest impact.
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Episode #17: Understanding Digital Strategy
Simon Kingsnorth, Author

Digital strategy is an essential part of marketing. Leveraging the tools available and executing the right strategies helps a lot for your company’s success in the digital age. In this episode, Simon Kingsnorth, the author of Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Handbook, discusses the importance of understanding digital strategy.
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Episode #16: The Business Case for Digital
Daniel Incandela – Chief Marketing Officer, Reachdesk

When Daniel Incandela joined ReachDesk, he was tasked with revamping the entire operation and designing a competitive brand in a digital environment. He chats with Greg Silverman to share how he accomplished the company’s rebranding and relaunching process. Daniel explains how he focused not just on digital innovations but also on actively involving every team member throughout the process.
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Episode #15: Measuring the Experience
Jonathan Yaffe – Co-founder and CEO, AnyRoad

Does experience really change how consumers behave? Today’s guest is Jonathan Yaffe, co-founder and CEO of AnyRoad, the first ERM (experience relationship management) platform that focuses on delivering and measuring experiences that transform consumer behavior. Jonathan joins Greg Silverman to explain this cultural shift in the market and why thriving brands are now transforming into experiential businesses. Learn about how you can transform consumer behavior, elevate brand perception, and achieve better ROI through experiential marketing by tuning in to this episode.
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Episode #14: Digitally Enable Your Personal Brand
Vivian Chen – Founder and CEO, Rise

With everything and everyone going digital, how can you separate your brand from the pack and stand out? Vivian Chen, the Founder and CEO of Rise, is helping brands do that and more! In this episode, she joins Greg Silverman to talk about how to digitally enable your personal brand. At the heart of it, Vivian highlights the importance of identifying your ‘why’ and telling your story to humanize your brand. So tune in to this conversation and find out how you can thrive in this digitally forward world.
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Episode #13: The Digital Workaround – When Traditional Approaches Don’t Work
Kieve Huffman – CEO, Engager Brands

In this digital age, it only takes one post to make or break a brand. In this episode, the founder and CEO of Engager Brands, Kieve Huffman talks about the marketing challenges and limitations they had to face and how those hurdles drive innovation on how they take their products to a bigger audience.
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Episode #12: Personal Branding – Why It Matters In A Digital World
Rachel B. Lee – Co-Owner and CMO, Standout Authority

Personal branding is increasingly becoming important as many of our interactions happen online. Personal branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s how others perceive you and sets you apart from the competition. And that is what Rachel B. Lee shares with you in this episode. Tune in as Rachel Lee talks about what personal branding means in today’s era and how people manage their own brands.
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Episode #11: The Role Of Culture And Leadership
Rachel K. Cross – Chief Business Sherpa, Rachel K Group

As digital technologies increasingly shape how we interact with brands, culture and leadership play an increasingly important role in digital branding. With so much noise and competition online, companies need to have a strong sense of self that comes from a clear and purposeful culture.
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Episode #10: Branding In The Era Of Ecosystems
Dr. Marcus Collins – Chief Strategy Officer, Wieden+Kennedy New York

Nothing has made us more aware of how connected we all are than digital technology. The online world shows the strong ecosystems we have all built—a network of data, devices, and even humans. That is why brands today can hardly thrive without digitalization. In this episode, award-winning marketer and cultural translator Dr. Marcus Collins dives deep into branding in the era of ecosystems.
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Episode #9: Rebranding: A Digital First Perspective
Jamie Moldafsky – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Nielsen

The world of media is increasingly becoming more digitized with a ‘streaming first’ world. So, how is a 100-year-old company rebranding to these changes in the industry? Here to share their transformation journey and process is Jamie Moldafsky. Jamie is the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Nielsen, a global leader in audience insights, data, and analytics, shaping the world’s media and content with accurate market measurements.
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Episode #8: Claiming Your Digital Identity – The Verbal Way
Chip Edwards – Partner, CreateMyVoice.com

Technologies are being refashioned, and some devices are going the verbal way, which means these devices utilize voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. How can businesses claim their digital identity in this setting? Many users adapt to these new technological modifications with the changing digital world, while some prefer to use the old models. In this episode, Chip Edwards, the partner at CreateMyVoice.com, explains the idea of how their brand could help the users in their business.
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Episode #7: Conducting A Complete Digital Audit
John Lyons – Senior Loyalty Proposition Manager, Global VIP Program, The LEGO Group

Listen to your host Greg Silverman as he interviews John Lyons of the LEGO Group about digital marketing strategies, campaigns, creative problem solving, and nurturing opportunities. John explains digital audit and educating people on different aspects of a business. Is the CRM you’re using helping you save time? Tune in to learn more about what you need to consider with the tools and methodologies you have in your organization.
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Episode #6: Overcoming The Digital Challenge In Rebranding
Jim Heininger – Rebranding Strategist, The Rebranding Experts

Businesses and various organizations would often use branding to establish themselves on a wider reach, separating themselves from other similar services—something that makes them stand out from the rest. But what happens when a business entity decides to change their image?
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Episode #5: The key to your digital playbook
Scott Doniger – Chief Marketing Officer, Growth Warrior Capital

There are so many brilliant people in leadership roles who never get to express their full potential and reach their goals simply because they don’t have a playbook to get there. In this day and age, that playbook has transformed to best suit the digital times. In this episode, Scott Doniger is here to help and discuss the key to your digital playbook.
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Episode #4: How to solve a digital problem
Riham El-Lakany – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, BJC Healthcare

One of the benefits of shifting towards digital is how processes can be much more streamlined and easier to access. Unfortunately, there are still some who find the digital experience to be quite cumbersome. At the center of it is the importance of customer experience, and Riham lays down the ways we can improve and simplify our digital processes.
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Episode #3: Cracking the CX Code
Pam Piligian – Chief Marketing Officer, Navy Federal Credit Union

In an increasingly digitized and automated world, it is easy to forget the importance of human connection. However, when it comes to delivering a great customer experience, human connection is still crucial. In this episode, Pam talks about the impact of digitization on customer experience, why journey mapping is essential, and how human connection is still crucial for delivering a great customer experience.
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Episode #2: Digitally Enabled Experiences
Jesse Purewal – Vice President of Brand, Qualtrics

In this succinct 12 minute episode, listen to Greg and Jesse discuss how to engage a large community to experience the brand of Qualtrics through digitally enabled content by learning about the digital challenges Jesse faced while doing some innovation around experience management. Discover his advice on building content that matters and how to run your business or brand as a digital experience.
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Episode #1: How To Build An Authentic Brand With A Compelling Online Story
Paige Arnof-Fenn – founder & CEO, Mavens & Moguls

In this 15 minute edition, listen to Greg and Paige discuss a key challenge in business today – you cannot exist as a brand if you can’t be found online. This episode delivers actionable insights that all brand leaders can leverage to better evolve your digital strategy to tell your brand’s story.
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