Is your brand set up to tackle an ever-evolving landscape?

In this special edition of the Brand Enabled podcast, join the Brand Enablement expert, Gabriel Cohen, CMO at Monigle, and Molly Fisher, Director of Brand Management at WTW, to discuss the continuous evolution of brand, challenges brand teams are facing today, and key trends to expect.

The WTW brand was recently recognized in the prestigious 2024 REBRAND™ 100 Global Awards. It also won the gold award for Best Visual Identity, Professional Services in the 2022 Transform Awards, which recognizes best practices in brand development.

Topics discussed include:

  • The varied and nuanced ways of approaching a rebrand
  • Bringing brand messaging down from the ivory corporate tower into business units
  • Insights on taking an inclusive approach to design
  • Managing brand consistency and engagement in a decentralized environment
  • Sustaining and keeping brand fresh with a brand concierge mentality

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Molly Fisher

Director, Brand Management, WTW

Gabriel Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer, Monigle

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Check out these highlights

A rebrand can take many forms

Rebranding in 100 days

Brands can be “revealed” vs. “launched”

Translating brands from the ivory tower into business units

There’s always a “what’s next”

How not to be the brand police


Making the case for a brand center

The power of community