Brand personality―the set of human characteristics associated with a brand―is an important part of brand strategy because it allows consumers to more easily relate to and connect with a brand emotionally. In looking at data from recent consumer health care brand equity studies, we identified the personality traits that consumers value most when choosing a health care brand.

Health Care Brand Traits

It may seem obvious, but when consumers say that they want a health care organization to be honest and caring above all else, it is indicative of what they value most in a brand relationship. Shaping a brand around these traits can mean the difference between consumers feeling like they are just another transaction in the health care system or feeling like your brand is truly building a lasting and loyal relationship with them.

What does this mean for health care brand owners?

Medical centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other health care entities need to take an honest look at their brands’ personalities and explore whether the traits outlined above are truly embodied in the patient experience. A good starting point would be to survey patients and understand if there is a gap between customer perceptions and where you’d like your brand to be.

Chris Tonay is Monigle’s Director of Insights + Strategy and he embodies all of the brand personality traits above.

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Chris Tonay
May 13, 2014 By Chris Tonay