Recently, HealthLeaders interviewed Monigle’s own Justin Wartell about some of the latest findings in the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 5 report. The report unveiled some of the key challenges healthcare marketing leaders face in their ever-evolving roles and provides ways in which they can still drive change, results, and champion growth within their organizations.

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During the interview, Justin shared two interrelated challenges: doing more with fewer resources available, while still serving as a catalyst for growth within the organization.

But how can healthcare marketers do more with less?

Read the interview here that features three strategies on how to tackle doing more with less and why there’s never been a richer opportunity for healthcare organizations to make change happen.

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This is the time for healthcare marketing leaders to embrace change, to play a big and impactful role, and to no longer be saddled with the baggage of the past. The question is, are these leaders ready for it?

–Justin Wartell, Managing Principal, Monigle

September 1, 2022 By Monigle