In Part One of this series, Sean Roper and Michael Rardon discuss what it’s like to start their professional internships at Monigle.

Meet Sean

My name is Sean Roper and I’m an undergraduate student studying Finance and Economics at the University of Colorado Denver. Although my passion is for finance I’ve always pictured myself as a marketer as well. And, when I was hired to be a branding intern at Monigle, my excitement at the thought of working in the marketing field went through the roof. I didn’t know what was going to be around the next corner, but I knew I was ready to take the next step in my professional life.

Sean Roper
Sean Roper

After researching Monigle, I was thoroughly impressed by their culture, their branding work, their people, and their clients. Though the interview went well, I was nervous and questioned if I would have what it takes to work in the fast, competitive environment. Nevertheless, I was determined. With aspirations of a career in one of the world’s most prestigious branding companies, I dove in head first.

In late January―overdressed, with coffee cup and briefcase in hand―I walked through the front doors to see the smiling face of Linda, the receptionist. After a few minutes I was whisked up the winding staircase and down the hall past Kurt Monigle’s office. I was then shown to the desk that was going to be mine for the next three months or so and put straight to work.

The prospect of actually doing ‘real’ work at my internship was exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. I didn’t know what was expected of me just yet, all I knew was that I wanted to be ready for anything.

Meet Michael

My name is Michael Rardon. After graduating from DePauw University in 2012 and taking a year off to be a “ski bum,” I decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Denver with a concentration in marketing. As part of studying marketing I wanted to experience branding in action and get real-world experience, which led me to apply for an internship at Monigle.

Michael Rardon
Michael Rardon

While scouring the internet for potential companies to intern with, Monigle kept popping up. I came across a blog post written by a previous intern in which he reflected on his amazing experience at Monigle, and his insights confirmed my gut feeling about the company’s culture. Going into the interview process I was nervous, but excited. Meeting the people and seeing the work environment surpassed all of my expectations.

My desire to learn absolutely everything about branding and gather every bit of knowledge possible in my pursuit of a marketing career is what compelled me to apply. I really couldn’t wait to begin the internship because I knew this was going to be an incredible learning opportunity.

On a cold day in late January, I walked through the front doors for the first time, excited about what the Monigle internship had in store. Just a few weeks into my first marketing class at the University of Denver, I still didn’t know what to expect in a branding agency. I also didn’t know what exactly I would be doing during my internship. But, I did know I have always been passionate about marketing and branding and this was the place for me.

As Sean and Michael meet for the first time they realize they have a lot in common.

The First Few Days

We didn’t start our internships on the same day, but we had common experiences in the first week. Our first few days at Monigle were an overwhelming whirlwind of introductions, meetings, calls, and so on: a new face every day, a new challenge around every corner, and opportunities in abundance. When we did meet, we began to wrap our heads around the impressions of our first week at Monigle, and we couldn’t help but reflect with enthusiasm. Everyone had welcomed us with open arms, and they were so friendly about answering our countless questions.

The thing we appreciated the most about this new adventure? From the very beginning it was a true work experience and not the stereotypical coffee pouring, lunch ordering internship. In fact, during the interview process numerous interviewers regaled us with stories of interns past, some good and some bad, and they made it clear, as interns we would learn, work, and have fun.

Six Weeks

From day one we were welcomed as part of Team Monigle. And, after nearly six weeks, our workloads have ramped up and the experience continues to blossom. Through numerous research projects, client calls, and team meetings, we have grasped a greater understanding of differing strategies behind brand architecture and our branding process as a whole.

All of this is on top of overcoming the initial nervousness, finding where all the best snacks are located, and sending some “killer” emails. On a more serious note, we have also learned an incredible amount in such a brief time, and we are beginning to settle into the day-to-day life in a branding agency. So far it has been an amazing experience!

We are not sure what lies ahead, but whatever it is we are approaching each day with the same level of enthusiasm as the first―knowing that regardless, it is going to be more exciting that our Managerial Finance classes.

Michael Rardon and Sean Roper are Monigle’s spring 2014 interns. And, no, they will not be extolling the virtues of the managerial significance of finance techniques any time soon.

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March 14, 2014 By Monigle