Joel on intern appreciation day.
Joel on intern appreciation day.

When you think of an intern, images of young, 20-somethings running around with cups of coffee undoubtedly dance in your head. Maybe you picture a young man in a rumpled button-down stuck in a closet somewhere crunching numbers, or 19-year-old Julie filing, filing, endlessly filing. At Monigle our interns don’t really do any of that. Our interns work hard to learn valuable skills in branding and the varied services we offer our clients. Many of our interns have even gone on to work here. We like to say our interns are the best of the best because, well, they are. Joel Berdie is a great example of that. We got an email from Joel, our summer intern, this week. He said some pretty humbling things, and while he laughed off a bit of hazing (thanks for eating those “cakewursts” on breakfast Friday, buddy), that’s not the only reason we were the lucky ones. We all joked that he didn’t have to go back to school, but we’re excited to hear about his studies in Chile. Joel’s letter shares what it’s like to intern at Monigle.

Monigle Associates, Inc
150 Adams St.,
Denver, CO 80206

Hello Everybody!

I just wanted to reach back out to you all and tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me on my last day and throughout the entire summer. I apologize for not getting to say goodbye to a few of you on Friday, but know that I am so grateful to have learned, worked alongside, and laughed a lot with the Monigle staff this summer. I loved the energy that greeted me in the office each day and how I was treated just like anyone else with no exceptions. Through this, I’ve truly realized how fortunate I am to have been given the opportunity to work at such an esteemed company and be a part of an incredibly exceptional team that was always willing to teach and coach me through unfamiliar concepts and projects and always trust and value what I had to say as well. Even after nine weeks, I picked up and developed valuable hard and soft skills that I know I will be able to take with me to Chile and undoubtedly much further down the road. Thank you all for always acting so respectful yet playful and friendly towards me during my entire time at Monigle and I hope to be back around the offices next summer – even for just a delicious lunch at Zaidy’s or perhaps a beer post June 8th. [editors note: that’s when Joel turns 21]

I wish you all the best during this obviously very busy time of the year and will certainly be in touch soon. Also, thank you for the good-bye card! Cody, I’ll be sure to “have a great time working at Chile’s this summer!”

If any of you are ever searching for some light reading to serve as a distraction, I will be blogging from down in Chile throughout my time there. Enjoy the rest of the summer and I will see you all around.

Joel Berdie

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