A step-by-step breakdown of what goes into building Humanizing Brand Experience, and what subscribers can expect along the way.

Humanizing Brand Experience is big. It’s detailed. It’s jam-packed with the kind of insights and “a-ha” moments that have the power to define and transform brands and experiences. But, how do we get there? How does it work? And, as a subscriber, what does that process mean for you?

Building Humanizing Brand Experience:

Stage 1: Sampling

It all starts with data

As a subscriber, you play a key role as we kick-off. You select your market and your top three competitors (think about the brands you want to be and the brands you want to beat.) We put our focus there to ensure you get the most relevant and tailored insights and context possible. Now, it’s time to get in the field and collect the data. We start by engaging 400 consumers from your market, while simultaneously engaging more than 20,000 people nationwide. That’s a whole lot of data—collected and cleaned—but for now, it’s only numbers. The real work is just beginning.

Stage 2: Analysis

Where the magic happens

Our researchers dive in with a comprehensive analysis of both national and market-specific data. Everything we’ve learned gets fed into our US brand model, so that we can understand our attribute weightings on a national scale. With our baseline established, we run individual brand performance profiles to directly compare your brand and market to national averages. All the while, we’re starting to identify the trends, patterns and themes behind the numbers. We’re getting excited, discussing and debating what we’ve learned—often alongside our subscribers. At this point, we start to see the power of each consumer voice beginning to take shape.

Stage 3: Reporting

Bringing the story to life

Our data can’t be contained any longer—we’re ready to share a read-out of what we’ve found with our subscribers. At this stage, we’ve identified the key stories that will have the most impact on your brand. We’ve also built custom dashboards that make it easy for subscribers to track and diagnose brand performance over time. Returning subscribers can expect year-over-year comparisons, making it easy to understand what’s changed and how your brand ranks relative to other leading health care systems in the country. Whether it’s digging into the prioritization of experience dimensions or uncovering new facets of the emotional side of experience—our team will help you identify the biggest opportunities specific to your brand when presenting the report back to internal stakeholders.

Once we share our findings, it’s back to work at Monigle. Our insights, strategy and creative teams put their heads together to identify the most compelling storylines for our  annual publication, connecting them to the topics that we know are on the minds of healthcare leaders. Our verbal team puts pen to paper and starts to compose the narrative that will frame the numbers and analysis. And, our design team begins the herculean effort of crafting an engaging visual experience for all readers.

At the end of the day, it takes the entire agency to turn those little data points into a compelling publication as big and powerful as Humanizing Brand Experience. And it takes health care brand leaders to put it to work. Together, we’re building better health care experiences—one data point at a time. Join the movement. Subscribe to the 2020 study.

Justin Wartell
September 23, 2019 By Justin Wartell