Now more than ever, it’s critical for companies to reach their consumers in the right place and at the right time in their journey. As we continue to navigate the new norm during and after this corona-virus era, it’s imperative for companies to shift their focus and create a more stunning, agile and seamless digital presence.


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So what exactly is digital-first design? And why the immediacy for it? Simply put, digital-first calls for optimizing brand design and experience for digital channels such as web, mobile and social over traditional media channels. With people interacting with their favorite brands digitally more so than ever before, this is how companies build loyalty and trust with their audiences.


As you start your journey, here are 5 tips for a successful digital-first design.


  1. Collaboration – The first and probably most important tip is the importance of digital and brand designers to work closely together to develop the brand from the onset. This ensures that the identity will be able to coexist alongside each other offline and online.


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Planning out digital design


  1. Legible fonts – When it comes to fonts and the digital space, careful thought must be taken to make sure it is clear and legible in a variety of sizes for all audiences.


  1. Contrasting color palette – Find colors that provide contrast for all viewers; including those with low vision or color deficiencies.


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  1. Design for mobile – People are interacting with their favorite brands on their mobile devices more so than ever before. Because of this, it’s important to make sure design is a seamless experience for both traditional web and mobile.


  1. Scalable logo – A brand’s logo will appear across all mediums; offline and online. In the online space, it needs to work on a variety of digital channels so careful thought must be made when designing a logo. Different formats and orientations need to be accounted for to make the logo work in all the spaces it needs to.




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It’s time to welcome in this new era of digital branding. Brands should no longer be designing for offline only, but rather leading with a digital-first design. Online channels can no longer be an afterthought in creating a successful brand.


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Ryan Baluyot
January 11, 2022 By Ryan Baluyot