Meet Nick Fischer

One of our foundations for success is the ongoing acquisition of the best and brightest talent in our industry. Our Digital department is pleased to welcome their newest team member Nick Fischer. As the team’s content coordinator, Nick focuses on content management for our BMS, identityManager. He also plays an instrumental role in our QA process, which ensures the highest quality output to our clients, and he will be directly involved in CMS, image management, and database management.

Nick Fischer
Nick Fischer, Content Coordinator, Digital Media

“I am thrilled to have Nick join us full time. He has proven that he can get things done fast and get them done right. His attention to detail and ability to learn new tasks quickly is a huge asset to the Digital team!” – Cynthia Del’Aria, Senior Director, Digital Media

Nick began his time at Monigle as a contract employee and now that he is a permanent part of the team he’s most looking forward to, “the opportunity to continually grow and learn while at Monigle.” He is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business and he possesses a keen interest in both database administration and programming.

As a Colorado native, he loves hiking, running and snowboarding―which lends itself well to both Monigle Ski Day and our annual participation in the Cherry Creek Sneak. One thing he doesn’t love? Putting together IKEA furniture. Oh, and grocery shopping! Go figure.

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March 11, 2014 By Monigle