2013 has brought about exciting changes at Monigle. As the agency moves into its fifth decade, this was a year of looking at how to position the company for greater success in the next 40 years.

One of the foundations to this success is the acquisition of new talent at all levels and we are excited about the diverse group of key new employees who joined us this fall.

Meet Gabriel Cohen

Gabriel Cohen joins as Monigle’s new Chief Marketing Officer, a position that has never existed at Monigle before. Gabe will be responsible for building the company’s global marketing team and unifying brand development efforts to position the company for future growth. His experience in analytics, strategy, design, and branded environments across a wide client base will contribute to fostering innovation and diversifying our client portfolio. As a member of Monigle’s senior leadership team, he will play a key part in identifying the right talent, systems and processes that are key to the future of our organization.

Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer

Gabe brings with him five years of experience at Interbrand where he led the introduction of the Analytics and Brand Valuation practice in the Canadian market in addition to working with global clients in the New York, London and Sao Paolo offices. Most recently, Gabe spent two years with Concentric, a leading edge marketing-simulation company, recently featured in Forbes Magazine, working in partnership with agencies across the marketing services spectrum.

Gabe’s addition represents the next stage in Monigle’s evolution that began earlier this year with the hiring of former Interbrand Design Forum Managing Director Justin Wartell. According to Justin, “Gabriel gets the branding business as a result of his time at Interbrand and is grounded in strategy and analytics, two differentiating elements of the Monigle platform. Further, his experience in the last two years engaging with all types of agencies across the Marketing services landscape provides him with a level of insight and experience that will be invaluable to our continued growth and development. We are thrilled to have Gabriel as a part of the senior leadership team and look forward to his contribution to growing our brand.” Rick Jacobs, Principal, agrees,

Gabe’s experience, drive, and maniacal focus on building a growth engine here will propel us forward while creating client diversity. We are calling this “good growth” because we want to work with a broad range of interesting and exciting clients that define the type of company we want to be in 3-5 years. Beyond his capabilities in marketing, strategy and business development, Gabe is a champion of cultural alignment, a great communicator and he has an infectious personality, otherwise, Dylon [MacEachran] and Deanna [Seitz] would have already voted him out of the marketing hive, as they have started calling their shared office space. Gabe’s presence will make us a bigger and better company.

A native of Brazil brought up in the United Kingdom, Gabe moved to Denver with his wife Susan and daughter Manuela, and they couldn’t be happier. “Monigle is one of the best kept secrets in the marketing services industry. Our success in building brands as assets for clients for over 40 years is testament to the vision of our founder Glenn Monigle, and Rick Jacobs’ and Kurt Monigle’s continuing leadership. The opportunity of taking one of America’s largest independent branding agencies and helping to shape its course for the future is tremendously exciting.”

And it hasn’t taken long for Gabe to identify one of the worst kept secrets behind Monigle’s longevity. “There is an incredible amount of talent from all over the world here in Colorado. There is something about the lifestyle, the outdoors and being close to the mountains that attracts a special type of person. Everyone seems united by this common connection that manifests itself in an openness and positive spirit of collaboration that I have not seen in other parts of the country.”

Meet Cynthia Del’Aria

Cynthia Del’Aria, Senior Director, Digital Media

In addition, we are delighted to welcome Cynthia Del’Aria who has joined our team as the Senior Director, Digital Media. When Cynthia was asked what she is most excited about at Monigle she answered “opportunity.” Her goal is to grow the Digital Media group beyond what it’s ever been before.

“I’m stacking the deck with a team of rock star developers, project managers, quality engineers and content managers, with the end-goal being to increase efficiency, and be able to deliver very high-quality software on-budget, on-time, every time”, says Cynthia. She is also looking forward to all of the possibilities for new product development. Specifically, solving problems through technology and applying innovative solutions within the branding world.

We are so excited to have Cynthia on board as well as the other new members of the digital group. Together with our solid existing team, we are poised to make great strides in elevating the quality of current digital offerings as well as expanding into a broader range of exciting digital solutions. Cynthia’s initial focus has been to “right the ship” by focusing on people, process and our product. She has accomplished an impressive amount already which means that 2014 will be about advancing and transforming into a world class brand firm that has highly integrated digital capabilities and solutions. — Rick Jacobs, Principal

In addition to being a go getter she is a singer-songwriter who loves cars and Scotch. Originally from Asheville, North Carolina she moved to Colorado in 2002. If you ever see her out on the road take caution, she loves to drive fast.

Meet Darrell Brogdon

Darrell Brogdon, Senior Software Developer

Darrell Brogdon has also joined our Digital Branding team in the role of Senior Software Developer and we couldn’t be happier. With a particular focus on user interface development, Darrell is applying his expertise across a full spectrum of clients in order to build products that delight Monigle customers.

“Darrell’s sharp mind is one of the many things about him that is so impressive! His many years of experience with various PHP frameworks is being leveraged to help design and develop processes and methodologies to ensure flawless Digital Media execution”, says Cynthia Del’Aria, Senior Director, Digital Media.

Originally from Atlanta, he moved to Colorado in 2003 with plans to move back to Atlanta after a few years, but he was here for one month and knew he’d never leave — lucky for us! Darrell has two children, a boy aged five and girl aged seven, who keep him busy.

Meet Grant Parks

Grant Parks, Software Architect

Our Digital Media team has also welcomed Grant Parks, Software Architect. Grant brings with him a diverse history in the world of software development and over 25 years of experience. One of the reasons we knew he would be a great fit is the fact that he is a thought-leader and an innovative thinker.

According to Cynthia Del’Aria, Senior Director, Digital Media, “He is already coming up with new ideas and new product directions while helping to further stabilize and improve the migration process to PHP. Grant is a tremendous asset to our growing team and his expertise has already made an enormous impact.”

He comes to us from WesTower, Aircell and, most prominently in the recent past, McAfee where he worked on a variety of complex and challenging projects. A “mostly” native of Denver he moved to the city when he was 13 and has been here ever since. Grant’s great attitude and fantastic sense of humor lend itself well to the opportunity for growth he sees within the Digital team and for the company. He is looking forward to exploring new ways of applying the digital medium as a differentiator.

Meet Deanna Seitz

Deanna Seitz, Content Manager

Last, but certainly not least, is Deanna Seitz. Deanna is our Content Manager who is leading the way in digital engagement, content creation, media relations and competitive intelligence as part of the Marketing team. She comes to us with a wide-range of experiences in marketing, advertising and communications management from Fentress Architects, Epiphany, Inc. and Jennifer Gore Unlimited, LLC. Deanna is a great addition to Monigle not only because she brings with her a variety of capabilities, but because she has a passion for articulating a company’s brand identity.

“Finding Deanna was a real coup for us”, according to Monigle’s CMO Gabriel Cohen. “Our content pipeline had almost dried up as we searched for the right person to fill this important position. Deanna won everyone over with her infectious personality and warm nature. She possesses a rare set of skills that blend a deep knowledge of the environments within which brands operate with a passion for communicating, engaging and connecting with colleagues, customers and the brand community”.

She is looking forward to integrating Monigle’s communications platform in order to create messages that build a stronger Monigle brand. Originally from Arizona Deanna moved to Denver ten years ago. She loves the mountains, good food and wine, traveling, and a great adventure.

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