With good growth on the horizon in 2015, we continue to add new clients, develop our service offerings, and create new ways of building enduring, hardworking brands. Two incredible new team members have joined the Marketing and Strategy teams to help us do just that, reinforcing one of our central business tenets, to hire the best and brightest in the industry.

Kristin Kelly, Copy Writer, Marketing
Kristin Kelly, Copy Writer, Marketing and Strategy Teams

Kristin Kelly brings nine years of professional copywriting, editing, content management, and marketing writing to our team. With a degree in creative writing, Kristin got her start in journalism, eventually transiting to marketing. At her previous position at Ubiquity Group, she helped drive content strategy and execute marketing campaigns for health care and medical device companies. Her experience leading editorial teams and driving marketing-related initiatives allows her to work across numerous business verticals and initiatives, both on the agency and in-house side.

“It’s taken us a long time to find someone like Kristin. She is a special person and talent who will bring a sprinkling of magic to breathe life into the way we tell stories.” ― Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer

Kristin’s time will be split between the strategy and marketing teams. This is her first tenure in a branding agency and she’s most “interested in learning more about the strategy side of branding” and “team-building in marketing.”

An avid fitness enthusiast, Kristin loves CrossFit and recently competed in her first competition where she placed third. Originally from Philadelphia, she moved to Vail at a young age where she would meet her future fiancé (although she assures us they weren’t friends till their 20s). She now lives with her fiancé, an interactive art director, in a refurbished church. Kristin will be hearing a different set of church bells later this year when she gets married in August.

Heather Gair has joined our Marketing team as a Brand Development Manager. With a background in marketing communications, advertising, and sales, Heather has worked with non-profit brands such as The National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and Indigo Children International. She also has worked for cloud-based marketing software startup, Signpost.

Heather Gair, Brand Development Manager, Marketing Team
Heather Gair, Brand Development Manager, Marketing Team

Heather’s passion for creating meaningful connections and insightful relationship strategies are a major boon to the marketing team. This is also her first experience at a branding agency, and she is most looking forward to “learning more about the new business strategy in branding” and “being part of the development and positive culture at Monigle.”

“Heather’s passion for making connections and orientation to helping people solve problems will be a tremendous asset to individual brand leaders who are looking for ways to elevate the importance of brand in their organization.” ― Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer

An avid skier and snowboarder, you can find her on the slopes five days a week during the season. She’s also got a bit of wanderlust, studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and continually exploring the United States. She also lovingly fosters puppies for Colorado Puppy rescue, bringing home around two puppies every week.

We are so excited to have you both.

Welcome Kristin and Heather!

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June 4, 2015 By Monigle