WTW: 100 days to rebrand

Monigle and Willis Towers Watson partner to rebrand a global company in record time

Monigle - WTW 100 Days to Rebrand - Hero

More than ever, branding is the business of timing. Gone are the days of drawn-out processes, with hundreds of deliverables set up like dominos. Today’s branding is about recognizing an opportunity and seizing the moment. Sure, agility and speed are expected when you’re talking about social media engagement and PR, but what about rebranding a global company with over 40,000 employees and nearly 200 years of history?

Well, it can be done—and done well.

When Willis Towers Watson approached us to participate in their RFP process, we were skeptical about the 4-month timeline, but we came with a plan. When they gave us the green light a day after the pitch, we got the message that this was different, and it could work. Ditching the traditional approach, we developed hypotheses immediately, sharpening and refining them through daily collaboration with the client team and real-time polling with a wide range of leaders. Turns out that when the brand and executive teams have their sights set and make decisions quickly with focus and confidence, 4-months is just enough time to rebrand.

Seizing the moment.

After many years of mergers and acquisitions, including a recently scrapped deal with another industry leader, Willis Towers Watson needed to quickly reestablish itself and boldly define their future. Following the release of an updated business strategy, a new CEO and global leadership team were set to take the helm in January 2022—a powerful opportunity for a new brand strategy and logo to galvanize employees and broadcast a clear signal across the industry.

WTW: Perspective that moves you.

This wasn’t simply a logo exercise—a rapid and robust discovery process created the brief for what was to come: Be bold, Be clear, Be a connector. It’s a brief that built on the wealth of intelligence, experience, and relationships that they’ve always been known for, but reimagined how this industry leader could use brand to elevate its strengths and set course for the future as a unified organization—simply WTW.

Seeing in Ultraviolet.

If the old brand was purple, the new brand is Ultraviolet. Doubling down on a fearless and dynamic spirit, WTW isn’t holding back. The new logo brings a unified and bold perspective to life while the supporting visual identity infuses perspective and humanity to send a message that the next era has begun.

The bold new brand shines through in the logo and other visual assets.

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