Dig into the key highlights and implications from the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 3 report, revealing what 25,000 consumers say is most important in their health care experience.
Now, more than ever, these insights will better equip health care brand and experience leaders to build more human experiences in the face of rapidly changing environments and consumer expectations.


  • Grant Mason – Senior Insights Director
  • Justin Wartell – Managing Principal

Follow along with us each week as we dive into the bite-sized video snippets below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways – continue the conversation with us!

Video #1 (2:05)

Health & Emotions

Engagement in health care is on the rise, in this short video we discuss the growing emotional value and the connection to health.

Video #2 (1:29)

The “Best”

As consumers are more engaged, learn how we, as brand leaders have an opportunity to help shape what the “best” means.

Video #3 (4:01)

Trust Building Strategies

Expectations of brands have never been higher, dive into the top 3 trust- building strategies, according to consumers.

Video #4 (3:56)


Explore the role of systemness in driving brand choice and the increased importance of a singular system brand.

Video #5 (3:15)

Brand Framework

In this short video, we introduce and discuss the four ways consumers experience and engage with our brands.

Video #6 (3:57)

Brand Framework Cont.

In this section, we discuss how the four dimensions – sensorial, emotional, intellectual and behavioral, predict choice and advocacy.

Video #7 (8:23)

Actions to Create a Better Brand Experience

In the final video of our series, we put together a 5 – step action plan for your health care brand based on the trends and insights we’ve seen in this year’s Humanizing Brand Experience data.

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