We’re now firmly entrenched in the consumer age—even in health care. How are consumer expectations driving change; what can we expect in the future; and how do we, as health care providers, navigate this quickly changing landscape to build better, more compelling brands and experiences? Join Paul Keckley, one of the nation’s leading health care research and policy experts, and Kaveh Safavi, senior managing director of global health care at Accenture and respected technology and trends expert, for a special conversation that will enlighten, engage, and empower you for the future. Justin Wartell, brand experience expert and managing principal at Monigle, will moderate.


  • Paul Keckley, PhD – Healthcare Research & Policy Expert – The Keckley Group
  • Kaveh Safavi – Senior Managing Director, Head of Global Health Practice – Accenture
  • Justin Wartell – Managing Principal – Monigle