It’s time to turn health care on its head—and lead with the heart.

As health care organizations catch up to the consumer-centric orientation that people expect (and demand) from them, it’s imperative to truly understand their mindsets—how they make decisions, what’s important and what’s not—to prioritize communications, drive behavioral change and ultimately shape what you deliver throughout the experience.

Through audio interviews conducted at SHSMD Connections 2018, you will hear directly from health care leaders about how they interpret and apply, both internally and externally, the principles of a more human brand experience. The focus will be on not only what they are doing each and every day to humanize their organizations and experiences but also what experiences outside of health care are influencing and provoking their own mindset and approach to transforming experiences.


  • Jim Blazar, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Paul Szablowski, former SVP Brand Experience, Texas Health Resources
  • Charmaine Weis, Director Marketing & Communications, Platte Valley Medical Center
  • Lanie Abbott, Director of Communications and Experience, Northern Light Beacon Health
  • Suzanne Spruce, Chief Communications Officer, Northern Light Health

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"Excellent program. Extremely relevant. Really helped me to shine a light on areas where we are good and on areas that may not not-so-good. I’ve got a few ideas in mind. Thank you."
Webinar Attendee, Lead With The Heart: Humanizing Brand Experience
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