Evolving technology, a global pandemic, and ultimately a changing society have forced financial institutions to carve new paths to optimize customer experience.

The fundamentals of serving your customers haven’t changed, but financial industry leaders will need to double down on their commitments to brand and experience to be successful.

In this series, learn how leveraging our Humanizing Customer Experience research can help you empower customers for financial wellness, improve their satisfaction with your brand, and subsequently earn loyalty and higher net promoter scores.

Interested in downloading the full Humanizing Customer Experience: Financial Services Edition – Vol 1 report?

Video #1 (2 mins)

Setting the Stage

Kicking off our series we provide an overview on our featured speakers and an introduction to the Humanizing Customer Experience Vol 1 report.

Video #2 (5 mins)

Engaging and Retaining Customers

We know that Covid-19 is continuing to drive the use of digital tools. How do we address customers’ new expectations?

Video #3 (3 mins)

The Research

We provide market-level and customer-level views to understand why customers pick one financial institution over another.

Video #4 (5 mins)

Our Framework

Our framework, grounded in social science, addresses all elements of the customer experience in banking.

Video #5 (6 mins)


Measuring Success

By reviewing the top 50 financial institutions, we can better understand how the banking industry is performing and how certain banks, such as credit unions and challengers, measure up against traditional banks.

Video #6 (6 mins)

What Can We Learn

By reviewing those leading and lagging on this top 50 ranking list, we can learn what’s driving the success of leading FIs, and where the opportunities lie for all FIs to improve.

Video #7 (3 mins)

Where Can We Improve

We’ve found opportunities and growth areas for FIs to improve customer experience in a way that will incite to action and drive results.

Video #8 (5 mins)

The Dimensions of Human Experience

As we learn more about the four dimensions of human experience, we find that delivering on both the digital and physical experience is critical.

Video #9 (3 mins)

The Role of Innovation

Can innovation alone push your brand forward? Not unless it’s focused on humanizing experience.

Video #10 (5 mins)

The Emotional Dimension

Customers want FIs to demonstrate an understanding of their needs, instill a sense of empowerment to reach financial goals, and give a sense of belonging.

Video #11 (5 mins)

The Sensorial Dimension

FIs that score highly in this dimension show up in customers’ lives in a multitude of ways: their community, their media, and their day-to-day decisions. Which points of contact are most critical and where can we draw inspiration for these interactions?

Video #12 (2 mins)

Key Takeaways

In the final video of our series, Brian leaves us with three key considerations based on the trends and insights in the Humanizing Customer Experience report.

Interested in downloading the full Humanizing Customer Experience: Financial Services Edition – Vol 1 report?