COVID-19 created a catalyst for change from a healthcare brand and experience perspective—one that was much needed and a long-time coming.

How do we continue to adapt to this new future? The fundamentals of health care haven’t changed but health care leaders will need to double down on their commitments to brand and experience to be successful.

In this series, learn what’s on the minds of consumers and communities and how some of your peers have leveraged Humanizing Brand Experience insights across their organizations.

Video #1 (2:04)

Setting the Stage

Now, in its fourth year, we set the stage for the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 4 report with insights from over 30,000 consumers and evaluating 202 healthcare brands. These are their stories.

Video #2 (2:38)

A Health Setback

While healthcare has been front and center throughout the pandemic, our data is showing an interesting side-effect of the pandemic. Explore what it is and what it means for brands.

Video #3 (6:34)

Delayed Care

1 in 2 consumers have delayed care since the pandemic started. In this video we discuss the barriers, strategies to drive re-engagement, and hear how LCMC Health put these insights into action.

Video #4 (7:36)

Deepening Trust

In this video, we dive into consumers trust in their providers by age group, what consumers say are important ways to build trust, and examples of how LCMC Health amplifies and builds trust.

Video #5 (9:59)

Emotional Security

Based on our research conducted year over year, how consumers think and feel when making decisions about healthcare brands has not changed, it is what they do with us that has shifted.

Video #6 (4:38)

Virtual Behaviors

Virtual care will continue to play a key role in healthcare. In this video we discuss the benefits of virtual care, the core needs that it is delivering on for consumers, and what to expect in the future.

Video #7 (5:20)

Research Framework

Dive into the framework used in the study to evaluate each brand based on the four ways consumers experience & engage with our brands and how it drives choice and advocacy.

Video #8 (6:09)

Brand Rankings

Alas, the highest-ranked healthcare brands in the US, according to consumers. We also included the leading Disruptor brands, all outperforming the system brands in overall rankings.

Video #9 (6:54)

Implications & Takeaways

In the final video of our series, we put together a 5 – step action plan for your health care brand based on the trends and insights we’ve seen in this year’s Humanizing Brand Experience data.