Key takeaways:

  • Strategies that guided building these best-in-class programs
  • Tactics for sustaining and adapting the brand ambassador programs
  • Results achieved by turning health care heroes into powerful advocates for the brand and experience
  • Key learnings, surprises and best practices

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Suzanne Spruce

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Northern Light Health

Christine Albert 

Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, LCMC Health

Justin Wartell

Managing Principal, Monigle

Video #1 (2:37)

The Challenge at Hand

Stress on our health care heroes is at an all-time high. In this short video, we discuss how to build best-in-class programs that motivate our people to deliver an experience that is satisfying for them and that helps our brand stand out.

Video #2 (4:09)

The Northern Light Health Brand Ambassador Program

Learn how Northern Light Health used brand as the foundation and the heart of their behaviors for their Brand Ambassador program.

Video #3 (7:26)

The LCMC Health Culture Leader Program

Whatever it may be, LCMC Health always brings a little something extra. Learn about what this means and how it comes to life in their Culture Leader program.

Video #4 (2:59)

Finding the Right People

A best-in-class program can only do so much. Ultimately, those who bring it to life determine the success. Dive into the two frameworks used to recruit the right individuals.

Video #5 (4:52)

Making Action Easy

In this short video, we discuss the importance of making action easy to encourage engagement, especially as this may be an incremental set of responsibilities for these individuals.

Video #6 (3:13)

Recognizing and Celebrating

Reward and recognition are critical to the success of a new program. Explore how Northern Light Health developed awards that amplified the pillars of the program and boosted engagement.

Video #7 (4:44)

Evolving During COVID-19

The world has fundamentally changed. Dive into how these programs adapted and evolved based on the impacts of COVID-19.

Video #8 (9:03)

Addressing Burnout

As the world continues to evolve, we discuss how these programs continue to shift to address the current industry- wide issue: Burnout.

Video #9 (10:18)

Key Takeaways

In the final video of our series, we put together the key takeaways, action items and best practices on how to effectively activate your health care heroes.

Additional webinar resources

Northern Light Health Brand Ambassador Job Description (new brand launch)
When launching their new brand, Northern Light Health created a job description for the Brand Ambassadors, the systemwide team of people who would help implement the new brand and exemplify the culture.

Download Brand Ambassador Job Description

Northern Light Health Brand Promise Ambassador Job Description (ongoing)
Two years after their new brand launched, Northern Light Health updated the name and job description for their program to reflect its evolution. The new name for the program became Brand Promise Ambassadors.

Download Brand Promise Ambassador Job Description

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