Empower your people.

Your brand is only as strong as those that deliver it.

Finding a compelling and differentiated position in the marketplace is vital for your brand’s success, and it goes far beyond creating a memorable brand identity or external campaign. You must create something equally special internally so that your people feel connected to your brand and feel empowered to live it.

EVP/Employer Branding

An employee value proposition (EVP) is an articulation of what your company provides in exchange for the time, talent, and effort of its people. It is not a re-articulation of your brand platform. Instead, it reflects the foundation of the mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer. At its best, the EVP defines the way in which the organization helps to shape the internal culture and how employees work together towards a common goal.

Behaviors and Commitments

A brand is only as strong as the actions and behaviors it elicits. By taking a deep dive into your current culture—organizational attitudes, communications styles, behaviors, characteristics—we will establish a set of desired brand behaviors and commitments that shape the development of cultural norms and empower your organization to live the new brand.

Employee Engagement

The success of your brand is dependent on your employees. We work to understand your internal audiences and define how to engage your people in a meaningful way. With this deep understanding of what makes your people tick, we’ll work to craft the ideal engagement plan—from employee experience mapping, brand ambassador programs, HR integration, training, and beyond. Ultimately, we’ll give you the engagement plan you need successfully involve, educate, and inspire your employees to be active champions of your brand.