The first step is an important one.

Start your brand off on the right foot.

Or the left foot for that matter. We can help you decide which is best, but taking that first step in defining, organizing, and positioning your brand for sustained success is crucial. Make sure your brand’s story, mission, identity, and language all resonate with your consumers.


At Monigle, we believe that the purpose of market research is to understand people. Brands don’t exist in a vacuum. Brands are part of the human experience, so embedded into our lives that we’re often not aware of how strongly they influence our choices. Our research approach is driven by a deep understanding of how people make choices, how memory works, and the range of cognitive biases and mental shortcuts that we use to navigate our daily lives. At Monigle, we are people explorers. Leveraging the latest thinking from behavioral economics, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology, we use proven qualitative and quantitative research techniques to help you make smarter, more confident business decisions.


What do you stand for and why should anyone care about it? Those are the questions that our diversely experienced Strategy practitioners explore with clients every day. Often, business strategy that guides what we do is expressed in a boardroom, crafted for internal stakeholders as a call to action. A brand’s strategy bridges the gap between business strategy and human experience to provide inspiration for and guidance in every decision you make. It’s more than a story—it’s the foundational, insight-driven truth that represents the purpose of your organization and how you should engage audiences at every interaction.


Innovation is not a thing, it’s a mindset. We focus on embedding a spirit of innovative thinking in your DNA so you can create new solutions that optimize behaviors and shift culture—both inside your organization and out in the world. Led by a constant identification of what’s next and where nascent opportunities exist, we help envision, then execute, the future.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture defines how to organize and present your portfolio of offerings based on how audiences want to engage with you. Successful brand architectures are critical to communicating breadth as well as showing how entities and offerings relate to one another, ensuring that you get the credit you deserve for all you do. Internally, it helps break down silos, facilitate cross-selling, and create efficiencies. Brand architecture is one of the most tangible and impactful aspects of branding, and we bring the significant experience and expertise required to clarify and simplify the most complex portfolios, and drive buy-in across the organization.

Visual Identity

Whether you’re building a new brand or refreshing an old one, a visual identity brings your brand to life. A strong visual identity tells a meaningful story that resonates with a consumer: It draws them in, promotes a visceral response, and connects them with the world. The most promising visual identities are based on strategy and insight, never subjectivity and inclination. We consider every detail, every color, and every curve of your design, defining how your identity will come to life and become the face of your brand. At Monigle, we create a visual identity that supports your brand story and transfers effortlessly across each touch point including physical, digital, and 3D applications.

Verbal Identity

Your brand has a story. We’re here to help you tell it. We’re writers, storytellers, and communication ninjas. Armed with creative writing chops, a passion for linguistics, and a strategy-first mindset, we help your brand find its voice, start conversations, and tell stories that connect with people. Just like logo and design express your brand visually, we transform every written touchpoint into an opportunity to express your brand identity through language.


Welcome to advertising built on brand. As a soup-to-nuts brand experience company, we know the importance of a strong foundation. This is why we’re perfectly suited to shape campaigns that bring your brand to life—the right way. Marrying the rigor of identity creation with the cleverness and curiosity of advertising means we deliver creative concepts rooted in strategy (and activations so fresh they’ll impress even the most jaded consumers). Brand and advertising that work together? Believe it.