Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 6 is the deepest, most human-centric examination of brand and experience needs in the healthcare industry. Informed by more than 25,000 consumers with rankings of more than 200 brands across the country, this report explores the intersections of brand, culture, and experience–the building blocks that leaders need to create a more human healthcare experience.

Areas of exploration in this year’s report:

  • Top 200+ ranked most human brands
  • National trends in trust, systemness, loyalty, self-care, and premiumization
  • A consumer perspective on staffing shortages
  • Rise of the Doctor Dodger segment
  • Top 6 disruptor brands
  • Evolving healthcare content
  • Consumer engagement in healthcare
  • Top humanizing brand experience attributes and their correlation with HCAHPS
  • Implications, key takeaways, and where to focus your efforts
Humanizing Brand Experience - Volume 6
"The Monigle study is, from my perspective, the most comprehensive brand experience study of healthcare available. It’s just an incredible resource."
William “Skip” Hidlay
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
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