Inventus Power

Inventus Power

A merger galvanizes two stalwart power technology companies.

A powerful pairing

Two leaders in the battery pack technology industry, ICCNexergy and Palladium, merged to form one of the world’s largest portable power solutions providers. With nearly 90 years of combined experience, each brand had built considerable equity among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across a broad range of markets. Merging with a competitor is a good way to supercharge your resources and grow quickly—but often only if you build a unified brand that both electrifies stakeholders immediately out of the gate and provides a sustained energy source.

Inventus - Naming

Cutting the cord on legacy brands

The leadership team and private-equity-owned ICCN and Palladium needed to identify a singular articulation of the new brand, one that expressed the unique aspects of both legacy brands while also transcending the two entities and unifying the new one. Following extensive stakeholder interviews, it became evident the legacy brands had a number of shared traits:

  • Being rooted in technology and engineering
  • Being solutions-focused
  • Highly valuing customer service
  • Providing challenging and stimulating work atmosphere

Research also uncovered what the brands’ customers cared about. In combination with the shared traits, these drivers—knowledge, responsiveness, support and a hands-on approach—formed the basis for the new brand platform.

Inventus - Logo with black background
Inventus - Logo with white background
Inventus - Logo with gray background

Amping up impact through naming and design

The new name needed to express a core of innovation, paired with a deep commitment to customers. In Inventus Power, the brand has a name that conveys the organization’s role as the catalyst that helps customers invent and reinvent themselves and their products.

The brand’s logo needed to signal an organization that’s strong, smart and—appropriately for one that has “Power” in its name—powerful, as well as committed to building close, personalized connections with customers. It also needed to be designed to flex, so that the word “Power” could easily be dropped in the future as the business grew and evolved into new categories and offerings. Mining the creative territory “transforming today together,” the team designed a visual identity that hit these marks and featured a color palette that stands out in an industry where shades of red, blue and black prevail.

"We are not just Palladium. We are not just ICCN. We are one company, no longer separated."
Stakeholder, Inventus
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Energizing customers and the industry as one

Acting as more than just a battery company, Inventus Power is defining the future of power. It’s humanizing the industry, delivering innovations that enable customers to roam freely in a cordless world, and ensuring employees have a higher level of confidence around working for the leader in the field.

In Inventus Power, the brand has a name that conveys the organization’s role as the catalyst that helps customers invent and reinvent themselves and their products.

Inventus - Lightning

89 years of combined experience

Before merging, ICCN and Palladium were two longtime leaders in the battery industry.

Inventus - Lightning speed

100% of requirements met

Inventus’ Conformable Wearable Battery, worn by soldiers, was the first of its kind brought to market and is the only field-proven battery to meet all of the U.S. Army’s requirements.

4 continents

In collecting research to inform the new brand, we gathered input from stakeholders from all corners of the globe.

1 billion safe portable power products

Inventus’ commitment to safety and quality is reflected in its continual delivery of products without a major safety issue or recall.