Two systems join forces to make healthy personal.

Histories combine to carve a new path

In response to a changing healthcare landscape, Scottsdale Healthcare and John C. Lincoln Health Network came together to form a single system. The move would allow the systems to adjust more nimbly to new payment and delivery models, promoting increased quality of care while lowering costs.

The newly merged organization had to capitalize on the strength the two legacy brands had within the market, while establishing a unified brand to signal a progressive new era focused on coordination and a continuum of care. Making a decision on whether to pursue a new name was key. Were the organizations prepared to give up decades of history in service of an integrated future?

HonorHealth - Walkway

It’s more than a name—it’s a call to action

Research revealed that over 90 percent of consumers were neutral about keeping either legacy name. This single data point ultimately convinced the boards of both organizations to pursue a new name—a decision that was key to creating a unified culture.

The new name, HonorHealth, goes beyond an identity. It represents a commitment to what the organization does—as well as what patients should do for themselves. By putting the patient at the center, it embodies the new brand platform: making healthy personal.

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Purple is coming

Now it was time to bring the brand to life through visual and verbal identity. With a guiding concept rooted in duality, the design system juxtaposes photography with bold graphic elements to convey the idea of two parts coming together to form a whole. The brand’s signature purple not only sets it apart in the market and conveys warmth, it draws on the shared color—and equity—of the legacy brands.

HonorHealth’s naming formula echoes the sense of connection expressed visually and is used throughout a wide range of communications. PrepareSmiles teased the brand launch on a poster; ExperienceQuality recruited new nurses in an advertisement.

"Monigle’s branding approach is rooted in data and takes into account legacy, strategy, vision and emotional implications of change."
Alaina Chabrier
Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications, HonorHealth
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A personalized experience delivers on promise

HonorHealth extended its holistic approach with techniques like segmentation, persona development and experience mapping, helping the organization to operationalize its brand promise. Its four patient personas—defined by factors like healthcare priorities and preferred healthcare information source—provided a key touchstone for mapping the patient experience across the entire system.

The process used qualitative and quantitative research to define the current experience and develop key inputs (including touchpoints like waiting room chairs and receiving bills, metrics and messaging), followed by workshops with the team to define ideal experience.

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It’s simple: consumers respond to consumer-centric brands

Research showed that one year after launch, HonorHealth was already top of mind among consumers. The organization ranked:

  • Second in health system awareness
  • As the health system consumers were “most likely to use”
  • As consumers’ top choice for seven of nine service lines

The rebrand’s success is also reflected in the system’s growth. HonorHealth has doubled the size of its medical group in the last three-and-a-half years and expects to double it again in the next four. Talk about a brand built to AdvanceWellness.

11,600 employees

HonorHealth’s workforce is dedicated to making the health care experience personal and accessible for every single patient.

HonorHealth - Monitor

21,000 donors

In the past five years, the strength of HonorHealth’s commitment to its communities has been reflected in community members’ support of the organization’s programs and projects.

2x likelier

Consumers indicated they are twice as likely to choose HonorHealth compared to two leading systems in the market.

#1 consumer choice

A year after launch, HonorHealth was consumers’ top choice of providers in seven of nine service lines.

"Monigle was a partner in every way throughout the process; responsive to our needs but also remaining focused on the goals. They were in it for us, not for their agency."
Alaina Chabrier
Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications, HonorHealth