The world’s preeminent digital industrial company puts signage to work.

Taking back control

GE needed ownership over its branded signage. It was working with a sign company that owned all of its standards and specifications, and the multinational wanted to take these back into its own hands. Over time, as GE transformed from a manufacturing company to a digital industrial conglomerate, logo standards had become fragmented and the sign conversion process lacked visual consistency and cost efficiency.

GE - Sign render

Big-picture vision drives a detailed approach

In its quest to regain control over its brand, GE partnered with Monigle to develop and implement global environmental branding and signage standards at over 600 facilities around the world. The goal was complete consistency in GE’s brand presence for signage at locations ranging from healthcare facilities to aviation and energy sites.

Using our proprietary sign conversion management system, SignChart®, the GE team is able to accurately track every decision made throughout the process and closely supervise execution. The result is a more unified brand presence across all facilities and touchpoints.

GE - Monument
GE - Sticker decal
GE - Signage

Consistent and efficient — from Kansas to Kuala Lumpur

It’s one thing for a global brand to develop sign standards and quite another to implement those standards in places as far-flung as Kuala Lumpur, where manufacturing vendors are unfamiliar and preferred materials are unavailable or cost-prohibitive. A key to the GE team’s success is finding reputable vendors and executing a unified brand even in remote locations, substituting materials as necessary without sacrificing consistency or brand integrity. Negotiating and managing vendor relationships ensures alignment between signage execution and specifications, streamlining an otherwise overwhelming endeavor.

GE - Interior render
GE - Display 01
GE - Display 02
GE - Display 03

A home fit for a Nobel Prize

For GE’s Global Research center in Niskayuna, New York, the GE team and Monigle sought to highlight the company’s rich history and many accomplishments through experiential branded interiors. One of the largest industrial research sites anywhere in the world, the 550-acre innovation hub serves as the professional home for 2,000 of GE’s brightest scientists and engineers and hosts countless visitors. Lobby features like video, images and super graphics help set the stage for the priceless artifacts—including famed inventions, two Nobel Prizes and Thomas Edison’s desk—that have at last been elevated to the prominence they deserve through custom displays.

GE put its brand front and center as the whole world watched.

GE - Plaza

One gold-medal performance leads to another

As the designated signage consultant, Monigle continues to work with GE to this day—and save the company money in the process. Thanks to our competitive bidding process, GE saved 23 percent on signage after switching from its former vendor. We help facilitate brand conversions for acquisitions ranging from a dozen locations to upwards of 150.

Another special project played out on the global stage, as GE used the same principles of previous signage implementations to brand its sponsorship venue at the Vancouver Olympics. It was especially effective in Vancouver’s city center, where the GE-branded ice-skating rink became a broadcast hub and tourist attraction. GE and Monigle partnered to implement branded ice graphics, wayfinding elements, streetscaping graphics and column designs—integrating GE into the excitement of the Olympic experience and putting its brand front and center as the whole world watched.

GE - Plaza flags
GE - Pillar 01
GE - Pillar 02
GE - Sponsorship
GE - White logo with blue background

3.8 billion people Worldwide

The Vancouver Olympics exposed GE’s brand to a potential viewership that included more than half the world’s population.

23% saved

After switching to Monigle, GE saved realized a 23 percent cost savings on signage compared its previous vendor.

38 countries

GE’s global signage implementation ensured a consistent brand presence in places as far away as Malaysia.

600+ locations

GE executed its sign program at more than 400 locations in the U.S. and over 200 locations internationally.