Our New York office has recently undergone a renovation and expansion to respond to the needs of the future of workplace.

We have a hybrid team, with some individuals coming in multiple times a week and some coming in for key client or team interactions only, and some being fully remote. Our Denver team even uses it as a hub when they are traveling. With such a wide range of work-styles we needed a design that provides flexibility and accommodations for each employee, whether they are in the office or not.

We focused on making sure our space represented our company values: Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity – all through the lens of fostering human connections.



In New York, it’s important to make every square foot count. The entry space in our office doubles as an extra meeting space. A sectional couch is paired with a conference table and chairs, with a meeting-enabled television.

We hung felt panels on the wall to help with sound absorption and add a subtle nod to subway tiles, which tie back to our NY location.

We also ordered throw pillows with New York themed designs that add an additional layer of placemaking to the space.

Meeting rooms

Our space is built around areas for meeting, which is crucial in today’s work environment. We have 3 traditional meeting rooms for formal meetings and team collaboration and 3 small meeting rooms for individual or small group meetings. This helps us make sure that no matter if our employees are in the office or at home they are getting the ideal meeting environment with minimal background noise or distraction.

Our smallest room doubles as a mother’s room with a lockable door that has an occupancy lock on it, comfortable seating, a small refrigerator, and soft lighting.

Communal seating areas

We have lounge and communal seating areas placed throughout our office that provide spaces for informal meetings or working away from a desk.

Warm leather upholstery on the chair and pillow are a sophisticated take on our brand ‘orange’. We peppered in greenery throughout our office space to give the space residential scale and create a connection to nature.

Artwork throughout the space (seen in the communal seating area) was created specifically for our office by Roman Vlasov, a senior designer on our creative team.


We have a corner office space, so we placed our workspaces in the area of the space with the best natural lighting and views, to give our employees the best environment to work in.

Our workstations are not assigned, we have a hot-desking system. In this system, we have designed two zones: focus and collaboration. These zones are separated within the office space to allow for them to be used simultaneously by employees in the office.

Each zone has a unique workstation set-up. Our focus workstations have key design elements such as dividers that provide visual and acoustic privacy, as well as a task lamp to allow of concentration.

Our collaborative workstations are formatted as one large desk surface with bright lighting and adjacent pin-up space to allow for teams to spread out and collaborate without using a meeting room.